Family Preparedness: 5 Things You’ll Need In An Emergency

How well is your family prepared for an emergency? It’s difficult to predict what the future will hold and emergencies vary in type. Natural disasters, criminal acts and job loss can all be considered emergencies. However, one of the most common emergencies people in modernized cultures experience is a power outage. How would your family fare in such an emergency? Plan now to be prepared by knowing the five things you’ll need for this type of emergency.


Food and Water

Food and water are important keys of survival during an emergency not just for living but for enjoyment. Prepare for an emergency by purchasing foods that are non-perishable and with a long shelf life. These foods should be foods your family already eats and enjoys. Look for items high in protein and other nutrients. Good choices include tuna, peanut butter, canned chicken breast, canned fruit and granola bars.

Temperature Control

In all temperatures, having electricity makes it easier to stay comfortable. But if an emergency strikes, how will your family stay comfortable? Becoming too cold can result in hypothermia and becoming too cold can result in heat stroke. Be sure to have extra blankets in cold times and battery-operated fans in warm times. Bottled water will keep your family hydrated during hot weather; you should have one gallon per person per day. Purchasing a generator may help power some of your climate control devices during a power outage emergency. Solar panels are another option worth exploring. Newcastle batteries can help you investigate this possibility.

A Light Source

During a power outage, confusion often occurs partly because there’s no light. Plan in advance to have a light source whether it’s flashlights, candles or flameless candles. In warm weather, your solar lights can be brought inside as well but should not be relied upon as the only light source.

First Aid Kit

How will your family receive medical attention during a crisis? Create your own first aid kit with bandages, ointment, pain relief pills, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol or peroxide and other necessities to treat minor injuries.

Something to Do

During an emergency, it’s important to have something to do that will keep your family’s spirits up. Television, the internet and other communications will not be accessible for entertainment. Think now about how you’ll have fun. Stow away board games, card games, books or other interesting ways to make the most of the emergency.

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