Fantastic Ideas to Utilize the Coconut Chair within Indoor Spaces

Introducing modernism to American Furniture, George Nelson introduced the innovative Coconut Chair into our lives in 1955 and let his creation transcend the boundaries of time. To this day this futuristic entity embeds itself into our everyday lives. The conception of this icon was based on his theory that total design is a process of interconnected and interrelated things. Most people want to design with their lifestyle in mind, yet hypothetical layouts you may come up with may be hard to execute in reality. To assist you in your designing adventure, we’ve created a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing and getting a mid-century modern living room:

Create Levels of Interest

When you have established a predominantly low-key contemporary living room with a neutral color scheme featuring gray and black, you have the freedom to lean into and play around with the textures by adding innovative articles like the Coconut Chair. The sharp geometric contours immediately catch the eye and are further highlighted by the cascade of natural light pooling in from the vast line of windows. There’s a lot of visual interest concentrated in one specific nook with the overarching lamp and large embellished clock that adds interesting texture without breaking the color palette. This mid-century modern living room theme will guarantee a shower of compliments from guests and residents alike.

Accent the Coconut Chair with Accessories

The ensemble of bright pops of colors and liveliness curate a lovely sensory experience. Here the Coconut Chair takes center stage and warms up the space. Despite its futuristic design, you can soften it up by throwing on patterned pillows and cushions, faux fur throws and a backdrop of lovely paintings and artwork. Available in cashmere, top grain, and aniline, this solo standing décor piece can be customized to your heart’s desire. It’s bold and striking silhouette commands any arena effortlessly, making it the perfect candidate for a free-standing article. The diagonal placement and muted walls and ceiling keep the vibe of this nook snug whilst adding layers of graphic interest.

Play Around With Textures

The ultimate purpose behind the handiwork of the Coconut Chair was to offer comfort in lounge seating, combined with great freedom of movement without comprising on the aesthetic beauty. The image above beautifully depicts how you can use this stylish slice of modern-day cushiness to craft a wholly eclectic environment that invites residents to sink into its deep alcove of thick foam rubber. Drawing attention to its bent steel base, you will notice how the structure fits seamlessly with another cozy mid-century modern living room furnishings. Here it takes over as an ultra-modern piece nestled amidst the company of cozy textures in the form of a lot of patterned cushions and warm-tone elements like rustic carpeting and eye-grabbing artwork to pull off stunning perfection.

Carve Out a Peaceful Corner

Nelson took great pride in adding the Coconut Chair to his collection of transformative architecture pieces, and what better way to depict this than in the manner captured above. This extraordinary chair makes a striking accent when placed in diverse settings that won’t overload your visual senses. Its expansive shell grants great freedom of movement and comfort, making it a perfect idea to incorporate a pair together to create an intimate conversation zone. Here you can see how its symmetrical shape adds a few subtle curves in a very subtle away in a room that has a majority of linear characteristics. The strategic positioning of the minimalistic chairs in front of a variety of colors and book outlines allows them to really stand out and grab attention. A wonderful blend of industrial and chic components come together to make this space really unique.

Paint a Vibrant Picture

Playing around with electrified upholstery you can use the Coconut Chair to create a truly dynamic space that is stimulating t gaze upon. The concept of retro-chic is nicely depicted in the sketch above. Each and every article in this setting bounces of colors stunningly amongst each other resulting in a delightfully eclectic vibe. You can complement the duo with amusing artwork, flamboyant floral arrangements, and decorative ceramic or even patterned curtains in the background to magnify its fabulous personality. This room would be a perfect area to cozy up with a cup of coffee and music playing around.

Although you are always free to explore infinite layout design options for a mid-century modern living room, the funky makeup of the Coconut Chair can often pose as a head-scratcher for most homeowners. But fear not, the samples listed above are a general guideline that’ll always prove handy.

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