Feel Safe In Your Home All Year Round

There is no worse feeling than living in your own home, and yet feeling scared. A home is a place where you should feel secure in – it should be your safe haven that you reside in when you’re having downtime or aren’t ready to go out and face the world. It’s the place where you envision starting a family (if you haven’t already!) It’s where your child takes their first steps. Where you attempt to toilet train your new pup. Where you’ll chip the new dining table at the entrance of your hallway. And where you’ll binge watch your favorite TV series with a tub of ice cream. And during all of that, there should be no moment where you have to second-guess the security that your home is giving you – that’s just no life to live.

But what if you do feel that way? Well, you need to make sure you do what is needed so those thoughts leave your mind. If you are worried, then it’s because you know that there is more that could be done.

Here’s how to ensure you check the list.

Feel Safe in Your Home All Year Round

Fake Your Goodbyes

No, we aren’t suggesting you install a safe-like door on your home. However, it’s handy to know that a lot of burglars tend to break in during the morning time when people leave to go to work and school, because they know that this is when most houses are left empty. So on the rare chance that your house is being watched and targeted – whenever you leave your home, stand by the door for a while and whip out your best acting skills. Wave and shout goodbye and that you will see them later on (or something along those lines). To anyone on the outside watching, they will assume that you have just left someone inside, be it your imaginary partner, family member, or friend. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who they think it is – as long as they believe it.

Install The Alarms

If you haven’t already got alarms set up within your home, then you should. These will give you the peace of mind that you need when in or out of your home. Because of how advanced technology is nowadays, you are able to monitor exactly what is happening regardless of where you are, all via your phone or android.

If for any reason an alarm is alerted, you will be sent a notification in terms of what is happening. If you decide on installing cameras too with companies like Alarm Liquidators, you will be able to watch live whenever you want to check in, so there really is no more need to worry, as if something happens, you’ll be the first to know about it. And any intelligent burglar will know to run away as soon as they hear an alarm go off. Even seeing that you have a camera outside of your home is enough to scare any bad people away.

Secure Your Garden

If you have a garden, then you will want to make sure that the fences are intimidating ones. This means rather tall and dangerous looking. The harder they look to climb over – the better. Not only that though, you should always make sure that if you have any tools – they are locked away safely, because if a burglar manages to get inside your garden and you have a ladder lying around, they could easily use that to their advantage. This could be done by either climbing up it and fitting through the window in one of the upstairs rooms, or using it to smash through the door. Tools like drills and any other machinery are generally expensive anyway, so this may be the burglaries goal so that they can sell them and make money off your valuables – so keep them hidden.

Lock The Access

You should always make sure that your doors have locks on, but your windows are also just as important. So if they haven’t been done already, get someone in to install locks that can only be accessed from the inside of your home. Whenever you leave your home – even if it’s scorching hot during the summer – you need to make sure that you close and lock everything up properly. Burglars are intelligent, and they will be waiting for people to make a mistake so that they can strike. So regardless of how much of a nuisance it may be at times – be thorough and ensure nothing is left open, even if it just be a little bit.

Close The Blinds

The more you cover up, the better, because people like to look through windows to see what’s inside. This is just a general nosiness that people can’t always help, but when it comes to burglars, they are looking at how much money they are able to make off of what you have inside your home.

The TV, the vintage antique on your table, the games console, and so on. But if the blinds are kept close, they won’t have any idea about what valuables you own, and most people won’t attempt something as risky as breaking in unless they know it is for good reason – life a definite guarantee of making money. So merely restricting that view can avoid you from being targeted and your home being a means for others to make money fast.

Now you have some of the best and most effective ideas on how to protect your home, put as many of them to action as you can as these will all add up to doing the job at hand – securing your home and being able to live stress free, without constantly worrying about things that may or may not happen. There are so many other things in life, so don’t let yourself get consumed on something unpleasant and draining. You know what to do now in order to stay safe, so focus your attention on the fun things that matter, like whether you should paint your living room cherry red, or berry burgundy.

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