Feeling Lost and Helpless

When you are a mother, you want to protect your children from all the bad in the world.  You never want them to hurt, you never want them sick, you never want anyone to break their hearts, you never want them to be touched by anything negative in the world.  But no matter what you do, it happens.  It always happens.  No matter how you prepare yourself to deal with circumstances and go through scenarios in your mind – the inevitable always happens, in one manner or another.

Today, I was left feeling lost and helpless on one hand with something one of my children is going through but on the other, I felt a connection with them that I had not felt before.  An understanding, compassion, empathy, and just the *knowing* of what they are going through because I’ve gone through it myself.  Unlike them, however, I had nobody to turn to, to talk to, to cry with, to scream about the situation to.  I talked with my child for almost two hours today, not what I wanted.  I wanted to be THERE.  To be able to physically put my arms around them and comfort them and tell them that everything would be alright … eventually.  I wanted to wrap them in that cocoon once more and protect them from the world.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with Us..:)i feel really so bad for You n yes u right this is a part of life i entirely agree with ..:)Well i just only can say Hope for the bEst..:)

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