Fighting Depression

For most of March, I have been fighting off a really bad bout of depression.  It would be easier to do if I could say “this is causing it” or “that is causing it” but there is no one thing that I can put my finger on.  That’s what makes it so difficult to deal with.  Therapy might be a helpful solution, but it’s so expensive!  Sometimes health insurance will pay for it – if you have a good policy.

I am the type of person where, if I know that there is a problem with something I do what I can to fix it.  If I cannot find the cause of the problem though – how can I fix it?

So I am fighting it off the best way that I can by listening to my body and giving in to what it needs – mainly sleep it seems because that seems to be all that I want to do is sleep.  So once I finish battling this invisible monster – hopefully I will be back to my usual self again.

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