Find Nemo and Live Longer!

One of the best super-foods out there is FISH and other than the delicious fish and chips you can get by the sea, not enough people are adding enough Omega-3 fatty acids to their diet. The best place to get those Omega-3s? Fish! The number of vitamins and minerals that are packed into fish is staggering, and it doesn’t just taste nice. Fish is something that can protect against a huge range of diseases and all manner of ailments, and we’ve got several reasons that it should be a part of your everyday diet.

Find Nemo and Live Longer

Fight Heart Disease

This article here can tell you exactly how eating two portions a week of fish – whether fresh, canned, frozen or seafood – can help to combat heart disease. Your chances of getting back to full health after a heart attack are also higher with fish as part of your balanced diet. Some of the fish you eat should be oily, as the triglycerides in the blood are lowered as a result of eating it! The risk of blood clotting and arrhythmia are lowered as a result of keeping fish in your diet, and it makes it so much easier to recover when you are eating healthily.

Prevent Cancers

Cancer is a scary prospect, but it’s not the death sentence that it used to be thanks to research telling us the right things to eat to keep cancer development at bay. Studies like this one for men have shown that men who didn’t eat any fish had a higher chance of needing services from than those who did. Selenium is found in shellfish like crab, and selenium has properties that help to fight cancer.

Find Nemo and Live Longer - Prevent Cancers

Ease Depression

Omega-3 fatty acids are little miracle workers. They raise serotonin levels in your body and it’s this that can help combat the symptoms of depression. Depression is high among men and the suicide rates as a result are also alarmingly high. Omega-3’s won’t cure the depression, but anything to help to combat the symptoms is a help.

Joint Care

Fish oils in tablet form have always been a popular for relieving the symptoms of inflammatory conditions. Arthritis that sets in late in age may still happen, but the fish oils can relieve the pain and also delay it even starting in the first place.


High blood pressure has a direct link to Alzheimer’s and other presentations of dementia. Polyunsaturated fatty acids that are found in different types of fish have a hand in preventing the destruction of brain cells, which is a cause for dementia. Eating seafood or other types of fish regularly can help to stave off the brain cells degenerating and put off the development of dementia for longer, if at all.

Eating white fish, like cod, oily fish, like pilchards and salmon and seafood like crab on a regular basis can help your body work in a way that sees you as healthy as can be. There are plenty of delicious fish recipes out there which you can read about here and incorporate into your diet for a healthier future.

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