Finding a Caring Nursing Home

A subject that is hard to discuss is what happens when our elderly loved ones need full-time care. A friend across the pond in the UK, Michael Geraghty, brings us an article on finding a caring nursing home in Sussex. You can apply these suggestions to finding a caring nursing home for your loved ones no matter where you are located.

Finding a Caring Nursing Home for Elderly Loved Ones

A Caring Nursing Home in Sussex

When you make the difficult decision to send a member of the family or an elderly loved one suffering from dementia to a full care facility and residence it is a difficult time for everyone involved. Finding just the right place to house your loved one can be the most challenging part since you want to find a place that is going to make them feel comfortable and cared for and give them the proper attention and respect they deserve. If you live in the Sussex area and are dealing with these issues yourself now, you want to take a good look at the nursing homes in Crawley West Sussex so you can be sure to choose the best facility possible.

Looking for the Proper Care

You want to take your time and be careful in your choice of a residential facility so you can be sure to choose a place that is not only capable but experienced in dealing with residents suffering from dementia or other mental health issues. You want a place that is not overcrowded or has a staff that is overtaxed and burdened so they cannot provide adequate care and attention for each resident. Ideally you would like a place where your loved one can have his or her own bedroom, have the opportunity to take part in activities and socialization and get the proper medical care and treatment should it be required. This may seem like a tall order when you are looking for a place but when you look at the nursing homes Sussex has to offer you will find that the best option for your loved one is the Ashton Grange Dementia Nursing Home.

The Right Way to Care

Ashton Grange takes great pride in its staff and residence and provides the top-level of care possible to all of its residence so everyone feels safe, comfortable and cared for. The facility features 29 single bedrooms and one bedroom that is shared. Renovations in 2013 added six luxury ground floor bedrooms, a new conservatory area for relaxing, an expanded and renovated kitchen area and a new large laundry facility in the basement. There are lounge, communal and relaxation areas available to all residents and all meals are prepared each day and can be served in the lounge or the individual’s bedroom. Nursing staff is on site 24 hours a day to give needed care and a full staff of senior and junior care workers is always available to provide for all the needs of the residents daily.

When you want the best possible care for your loved one in a nursing home in Sussex you want to contact Ashton Grange Dementia Nursing Home. You can contact the staff at any time to ask questions and get information and even make arrangements for a visit so you can see the grounds yourself without any obligation. This can help to give you the insight you need so you can see how caring the staff is and how well the residents are cared for so you feel confident in allowing your loved to stay there.

Have you had to deal with finding full-time care or a nursing home for a loved one? What were some of the steps that you took to find an appropriate facility?

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