Finding Success with Nutrisystem the Second Time Around

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I must admit something here. I was terribly unsuccessful with the Nutrisystem diet program the first time around. I gave it a try, I really did. But looking back on it, the stress in my life was really getting in the way of me thriving on this diet. I tell you all this in the hopes that you won’t fall into the same traps that I did, and also that you won’t be discouraged from getting back on the wagon if you seem to fail. There’s no reason to be ashamed, I have learned. If you don’t succeed the first time along then try again. Read the stories of successful Nutrisystem dieters on Also, Lisa who lost 80lbs—read her story at—will inspire you.

Once I was able to learn the lessons from that experience and move forward, I was much more capable of succeeding the second time around. Here I’m going to tell you how.

Stress and the inner gremlin

When I’m super stressed, there’s a gremlin that is inside of me that makes it hard to do anything healthy for myself and makes it impossible to focus and relax. The gremlin seriously got in my way of success on the Nutrisystem plan. I falsely believed that if I got the right discounts and coupons, ordered the Nutrisystem food, and went on living my life in the same hectic way, that I would somehow succeed. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, I was eating the food, but I was also not sleeping, working endless days throughout the week, and I was not exercising. I was practically not even breathing. So why couldn’t I just eat the food and see the pounds fall off? My stress gremlin was sabotaging me in my mind and body. I would skip meals, and then overcompensate with too much food later in the day. And then I’d beat myself up about it because I just felt like I couldn’t do anything right.

I gave up

I felt like a failure. I blamed the diet and also completely blamed myself. I managed to believe that my weight loss goals were impossible, and Nutrisystem was a total fraud that I had bought into because of a few flashy promotions. I went back to my old habits and the stress continued to rule my life from day-to-day. But I have to tell you after about a year following my first failed attempt, something changed in me. I realized the diet wasn’t the enemy, the fat wasn’t the enemy, and I was not the enemy. The enemy was the gremlin inside that kept telling me that I was a failure.

Is it possible to banish the Gremlin?

You want to know why I was successful the second go at Nutrisystem? I didn’t banish the gremlin inside; I started to work with the gremlin. I realized I could listen to the negative voice inside my head and respond to it with more self-assurance. It was just a voice in my head that was telling me I couldn’t be successful on Nutrisystem, and I had now discovered the power to silence that voice and move forward when I needed to.

Article offered by Jane who has tried Nutrisystem twice.

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