Finding Time in Your Busy Life to Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be highly beneficial to your brain: You learn how to make new connections, think in different ways and your brain is overall healthier for it and you’ll be less likely to develop brain diseases like Alzheimer’s later on in life. Adding a new language to your life can also be beneficial in the way you conduct your business, and it can give you access to a whole new base of clients. But where on earth are you supposed to find the time to learn a language, too? We know you’re busy. So here’s how you can find the time.

Filling in Crosswords

Crosswords are available in almost every language you can think of, and they are available in various sizes and levels of difficulty. No matter how much time you have to fill one in, you can always find time to fill in a crossword – and if you don’t have the time to finish the crossword now then you can always come back to it later. That’s why crosswords are fun – and great if you’re pressed for time.

A Word Per Day

You don’t have to put three hours of learning into a day for you to learn a new language fast. You can always pace yourself at a slower pace and take it at one or two words per day. Write these down and add to your vocabulary every day – you’ll be amazed at the kind of progress that you can make in a year’s time, or even just in a couple of months. If you want to learn faster, consider language tutoring to fully immerse yourself. Combine tutoring with some of the other techniques, and you will be speaking a new language in no time at all!

Listening To Music

If you’re busy, one of the best ways to pick up new things is through multitasking. Listening to music in other languages is an excellent way for you to pick up the language while you are doing something else. And, research has shown – and you should naturally know  – that music is a very effective way of remembering things. The same is true when you’re trying to learn a new language, and your mind will naturally accept music much easier than it would, for example, hours of lessons.

Total Immersion

Another way to learn a language is through total immersion – though this is something you will likely not have time for if you’re busy already. Instead, you can go with a replacement form of total immersion, where you make a few small changes in your life and routine to accommodate the new language. Change things that you do anyway with things that are now in another language, like swapping out your newspaper for Spanish instead, or changing your phone’s language settings over to Arabic for a week.

Keeping A Notebook

Along with your daily word or phrase, you should keep a notebook and record any new things that you learn about your language in it. Keep this notebook with you at all times, we’d even recommend that you take your notebook to bed with you. This notebook system is something that’s easy to keep notes in, and it’s just as easy to refer back later when you want to check up on something.

Phrasebooks Are Still Useful

You might think that phrasebooks are completely outdated, but the truth about it is that they’re just a little old fashioned. They are still useful, and they’re great if you want to be able to pick up phrases while you’re going about your day – and that’s perfect if you’re already busy to begin with.

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