Finding Your Dream Vacation Home

Finding Your Dream Vacation Home
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A vacation home in some distant paradise is the dream of many but a reality for few. Those lucky enough to own or rent property on the other side of the world will use it to unwind over the summer, take a quick trip to warmer climates in the winter, or just nip to and fro throughout the year.

Typically reserved for those in the higher echelons of society, the holiday home is a person’s sanctuary in a foreign land and can be used to parties, anniversaries, weddings, or whatever they feel like. But for much the year, these homes remain empty, waiting season by season to witness any actual habitation.

The world has so many different locations that are just begging for you to splash the cash and find a place to escape to when real life gets a bit too much. You could be reading this from anywhere in the world, so here’s a continent-by-continent list of the most beautiful regions to find them in.


The place you are looking for in Europe depends entirely on the type of holiday you want. Such a large and diverse continent with everything from the beautiful swelling beaches of the Mediterranean to the snow-kissed landscapes of Scandinavia, there will be somewhere to suit whatever your idea of paradise is.

It has been reported that France and the UK have some of the most desirable holiday properties on the market, but these can often be pricey. Countries such as Bulgaria or the Czech Republic can also offer great little destinations for you to relax and enjoy your holiday in. Furthermore, for those searching for a beach destination won’t be disappointed and might even find something of a surprise.


The vast expanse of North America means that holidaymakers can find something for every attitude. Whether you want the isolation offered by the Great Plains of the US or snowier adrenaline-junkie opportunities found in the Great White North of Canada, there will be something to suit you.

Like Europe, North America can offer everything from metropolitan lifestyles to relaxed beach vibes. Whatever your preference, finding the right place to make your little paradise has never been easier and it will make any travels across the Atlantic that much cheaper when compared to renting hotel rooms or roughing it in hostels. The US and Canada have some of the most beautiful, untouched landscape on the planet, go claim a piece for yourself.


Moving into an arguably cheaper territory, Asia has long been the destination for retired expats to reap the riches of a lifetime of hard work. With many places in Asia sharing similar climate and cost of living it would be difficult to pick the wrong place for you.

With its host of beaches and consistent climate, Indonesia is a strong candidate to purchase a holiday home. Websites such as provide detailed information on available properties that are located in the bustling cities or along the white sand coastlines the whole continent is famous for.


Further south, Oceania can provide similar diversity to that of Europe. Countries such as Australia can offer the coastal beach houses of your dreams, while New Zealand can give you the chance to get up and out in nature in quaint mountain cottages.

Furthermore, the Pacific Islands can offer a little touch of paradise on a small scale, and for some of these islands, it will feel like your own private island. Destinations in this part of the world will make you feel like you are standing on the very edge of the planet, with the vast expanse of ocean on every side.


The green hills of Africa, the deserts of the Sahara, and more are available to explore with a vacation on this continent. Whether you want to experience the blistering heat of North Africa in places such as Tunisia, Morocco, or Egypt, or further south into the deep cradle of civilisation.

Destinations in Africa are have everything from villas to apartments to houses, and many times you can find either a beach or mountain view. Additionally, golf fans will be able to take advantage of the numerous golf courses situated throughout. If nature trips are more your thing, there is the option to embark on safaris to experience the beauty that the continent is famous for.


Finding a place to rent or buy in South and Central America has many different options. You can go for the vibrant wealth of Central American countries such as Costa Rica or Panama, surrounded by retired tourists and American holidaymakers, although these are famous for costing more. Or, you can venture further south towards South America, and take in the beauty samba, salsa, and sun.

Whether you fancy topping up on your Spanish in places such as Peru and Colombia or taking a break on the beaches of Rio, there will be somewhere for you to call home below the equator. The tranquillo attitude of South America will help you relax and unwind as you sip away at cocktails and sun yourself on broad expanses of sand. If you’re looking for something more active, venturing further inland will provide you with the opportunity to climb mountains and breathe in the fresh air that you don’t realise how much you miss until you get out of the city.

With a world as vast as the one we live in, there will always be something, somewhere that you will finally feel at home. Having your own holiday home may seem like a significant investment, but renting out a property for the majority of the year while you save up to get out there yourself will make it seem as if you’ve bought a new place every time you visit.

Before making such a decision, though, it is essential to visit the area where you are planning to purchase, that way you won’t be in for any unwelcome surprises come your first excursion across the globe. You’ve always wanted your private little paradise, now is the time to find out where exactly that paradise is.

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