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I absolutely HATE exercise. I hated it in school, I hated it when I was strength training in my 20s, and I hated it well into my adult life. I have always had a tendency to put on weight quickly, but I was also able to keep it in check running after three children. Now that the kids are grown, and the grandkids aren’t old enough (yet) to be running behind, I became sedentary. Working from home does that to you. I have a FitBit that my daughter gave to me, and I suck at hitting the normal 10,000 steps per day. It just doesn’t happen. A good day I’ll top the steps at about 5,000.

Hitting the Half-Century Mark

Now that I am in my 50s, I’m still not a huge fan of exercising, but I do understand it is something I need to be doing to keep my flexibility on track, and it also helps with the rheumatoid arthritis I have in both knees.

On March 23, 2019, I got on the scale for the first time in months and had a huge wake-up call. I topped out the scale at over 300 pounds, which I never experienced before even when pregnant with my children.

I started biking, and walking, and later implemented the keto diet – basically cutting out all carbs and sugars from my diet and focusing on more protein. This works for me, and I started to drop weight. By Winter 2019 I had lost almost 40 pounds.

Arrival of the Pandemic

The arrival of Winter 2019 came and not being the outdoor type to go biking or walking in the cold, I stayed home. The bike was parked in the garage to await spring, and the holidays approached, and my keto diet went out the window. Sound familiar?

Then 2020 arrived, and I was looking forward to getting out again in the spring and resuming my biking and walking schedule … and then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Being part of the over 50 crowd, I took precautions to ensure I didn’t go anywhere, come into contact with anyone, do anything that would put my husband or myself in danger of contracting the virus. I think I took my bike out 4 times in total last year. I didn’t go walking at all, because let’s face it, walking by yourself isn’t as much fun as walking with your neighbor. My neighbor runs an assisted living home for three elderly gentlemen so us spending time together wasn’t an option for many, many months.

Getting Back to Fitness

While 2020 was a year that a lot of individuals found ways to work out while quarantined, I was not one of them. All of the exercise programs that I saw online, and attempted halfheartedly, were just too much for someone whose fitness level was in the gutter.

I decided that 2021 was going to be the year I accomplished my goal of getting my weight down to 220. In order to do that, I went back on my keto diet in March and told myself I needed to start exercising again. So when I learned about this awesome program called the Silver&Fit Program and checked it out, I knew that this is exactly what I needed and can actually stick with.

The Silver&Fit program has online classes you can find on YouTube, or sign up for live classes on Facebook. They literally have some type of exercise program for all fitness levels. You can even check the live classes schedule from their website and set a reminder for the ones that interest you.

I hate being told when I need to exercise, or having to schedule a class that I have to work into my day. I’m the type of individual that wants to exercise when I want, not when I’m told to. Silver&Fit has daily free exercise classes on their Facebook and YouTube channels that I can watch when it is convenient for me or I can join the live class. The exercise classes are open to the public and appropriate for people of all fitness levels. There are different classes each day too, which is good for me because doing the same class over and over would lose me quickly.

One of my favorite things to do has always been dancing, so I opted to take one of the beginner dance classes and I loved that I could alternate using the chair or standing up.

beginner dance class silver&fit

I started the program seated on the chair, but before too long I was up and on my feet. I did the entire class with minimal effort and while my heart rate was up (it was a good workout) I wasn’t out of breath and sweating buckets. I was also able to incorporate this into my day at a time that was convenient for me.

I also like their beginner cardio class because, on the days when it is raining, too chilly, or too humid to breathe (we live in Virginia) to go out on the bike, I can take this class with Beth and get my daily cardio in!

Get Your Fitness On!

The Silver&Fit program helps older adults stay active by offering daily Facebook Live and YouTube classes. They are fun, motivating, and effective too! There are 9 live classes per day, 6 days per week, streamed live on their Facebook & YouTube channels. I truly love that there is something for everyone with this program! 

If someone who hates exercise as much as I do can find time to incorporate this into my busy day, we’re pretty sure you will be able to find a class, fitness level, and time to fit it into your busy day too.

Silver&Fit Fit at Home Program

Connect with Silver&Fit by visiting their website or connecting with them on social media – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. We just know you’re going to enjoy them as much as we do. ♥

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