Fitting Big Dreams Into A Small Budget: It’s Possible, You Know

Whenever you find yourself daydreaming about that luxury beach on that far flung island, do you get that pang of sadness that you’ll never be able to afford it one day? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one. The number of people that believe that big dreams can only happen on a lottery win or a big budget is insane. Yes, luxury items do cost money, but you don’t have to compromise your dreams because your budget is smaller than the average yacht-owning millionaire.

Dreams are always something to aspire to. No one dreams about buying a castle with a moat without some kind of idea that it’s achievable in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether you are on top of your financial game right now, or you’re going to see Dove Law Firm for more information about bankruptcy, your dreams do not have to have a limit and they certainly don’t have to be scuppered by an empty purse. So, how can you fit your big dreams into a small budget?

Big Dreams in a Small Budget

Define The Dream

You need a mood board, a list or some other kind of visual to define what your dreams are for yourself. They do tend to be abstract, so if you give your dream some definition, you can make it something that you truly aim for. Let’s say your dream is to emigrate to Australia. Don’t just think about the beaches; define the journey. How do you plan to get there? What visa do you want? How much will it cost? These things are important to know before you can execute the thing you want the most.

Calculate The Budget

Yes, dreams come with a price, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to fall at the first hurdle. Once you know exactly what you are working towards, you should research what it will take to get you there. Speak to the right people to ensure that you are able to make the best decisions financially to make your dream come true.

Goal Date!

There’s no use in having a goal without a deadline to achieve it by. Fix a date you’d like to achieve your dream by. You could even pick a time in your life you’d like it to happen by. Go over your budget, work out how much you could cut and where so that you can bring your dream closer to you. Bigger dreams are always worth the sacrifice in your budget, you don’t need the Starbucks every day, right?

Hold Onto Motivation

When you have a dream, you have to constantly review it and make sure it still fits where you are in your life. The giant castle with the moat may have been a dream for twelve-year-old you, but it may not be your goal fifteen years later. Allow yourself to believe that whatever your dreams evolve into, you have the motivation to get there.

Dreams should never be put down if they have the potential to be reality.

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