Five Fall Gardening Tasks You Mustn’t Forget

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Many of us give up on our gardens at the end of summer. However, even though the leaves may be falling off and the sun may be disappearing, there are still many gardening jobs to be getting on with in fall – many of which will help to preserve your garden throughout winter. Below are just five gardening tasks that are worth doing in the fall.  

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizer helps to give your plants an added growth boost. It’s often not necessary to fertilize shrubs and flowers, however it’s worth adding some fertilizer to your lawn. This could help to prevent your grass from getting too discolored and patchy during these colder months.

Mulch Your Beds

Mulching involves adding a layer of organic debris to soil. This layer helps to insulate the soil, preventing the soil from freezing in frosty temperatures and hence protecting your plants. Twigs and leaves make the perfect mulch – if you’ve got lots of leaves already in your garden, you may be able to gather these up and then lay them out on your beds. You can use a rake to help gather up all these leaves – if you browse this site, you’ll find reviews on a variety of rakes. Alternatively, you can buy woodchips and use this as mulch.   

Prune and Trim

Pruning and trimming back plants can help to stimulate new growth. This is worth doing at the beginning of fall as it can extend the amount of time plants are in full bloom. Pruning and trimming isn’t worth doing towards the end of fall as it’s likely to be too cold for any growth at this point. Try to always prune when it is dry – pruning your plants in wet weather can increase the risk of spreading plant diseases. There are plenty of in depth guides online on how to prune and trim plants as well as the bonuses of doing this.

Remove Dead Plants

Now could be time to say goodbye to those dead plants that won’t be growing back next year. These may be able to be composted and used in next year’s Spring to germinate new life. Large plants that are dead may require a little more work to remove. This is particularly the case with dead trees – you’ll want these removed before winter comes (particularly if they’re leaning and likely to fall over in a storm).

Fix Up Your Fencing

If fencing is damaged, you may want to consider getting this fixed before the cold winter months roll in. The frosts and high winds found in winter can be punishing towards our fencing. It’s therefore good to have new sturdy fencing in place for when winter comes. This guide to fencing offers some information on various styles. Many people opt for traditional wooden fencing, but there are other options such as aluminum fencing.

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