Five Great Gifts for Your Kid’s Teachers

It is an unfortunate fact that teachers these days simply do not get enough credit and recognition for their hard work and dedication. Teachers dedicate themselves to preparing our children for a successful future each and every day, yet very seldom do they receive so much as a “thank you” from students, parents, or guardians. If you are looking to show your child’s teacher some much-deserved appreciation, you may want to consider having your child bring him/her a unique gift to class. Here are some gift ideas that any teacher would be sure to love.

1. Home-Baked Goods

While giving a teacher an apple is the stereotypical gift, teachers really appreciate home-baked goods. This could be anything from a fresh-baked cake or pie to a batch of delicious brownies or cookies. If you do not have time to make them yourself, consider ordering some baked goods from Just be sure to take note of any allergies the teacher may have, such as peanut allergies, before ordering.

2. A “Thank You” Card

Who says gifts to a teacher need to be expensive? Sometimes, all a teacher really needs is a sincere “thank you.” Consider picking up a thank you card in the greeting card section of your local grocery store. If you want to get a little more creative then you can set aside an hour of yours and your child’s time to create one with a heartfelt message inside from scratch.

3. Gift Cards

Giving cash to a teacher might be a bit awkward, but you cannot go wrong with a gift card. Consider gift cards to restaurants, book stores, or even teacher supply stores. Many people do not realize that teachers often dip into their own salaries as a way of providing students with needed classroom supplies, so a gift card to an arts and crafts or other supply store can mean a lot.

4. A Personalized Mug

Teachers love having personalized items to display on their desks. Also, most teachers drink coffee or tea on a fairly regular basis. With these considerations in mind, a customized mug or cup with the teacher’s name on it can make for a wonderful gift, whether it be for display, actual use, or both!

5. A Tote Bag

Teachers have to lug around a lot of papers, books, and binders. You can make this easier on them by getting them a customized or special-made tote bag. These are relatively cheap gifts, but they are ones that your teacher will be sure to get a lot of use out of.

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