Five Ways to Make Working from Home Healthier and More Fun

If you enjoy working from your home office, and being your own boss, you might be spending too much time in your office chair, looking at the same chair, which can have negative consequences on your health. If you would like to improve your work-life balance, as well as your health when working from home, you should think about making some small changes in your environment and daily routine. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Open the Windows

Every morning, before you start working, you should open the windows for a good half an hour. If you work for long hours, you will need the fresh air and all the oxygen you can get for your brain to function. This way, you can prevent several conditions that can affect you for a long time, such as chronic headache, migraine, fatigue, or tinnitus. Learn more about the conditions you can develop if you work from a small home office without exercise and fresh air.   

Move Into the Garden

When the weather brightens up, you should take an opportunity to change the scenery. Set up your office in the conservatory, orangery, or in the garden, and see your productivity improve instantly. No matter how good your home office is, you will get fed up with it over time. A simple change of scenery can improve your motivation on the job, and the Vitamin D will improve your mood.

Back, Seat, and Footrests

Make Your Home Office Workspace Comfortable - Five Ways to Make Working from Home Healthier and More Fun

If you sit on an uncomfortable chair all day, you can develop long term posture issues or even back problems. You have to make adjustments to your posture and workstation to make it suitable. If you get a lower back pain after sitting by your desk for long periods every day, you might want to visit a specialist store and find a suitable back cushion, seat cushion, and footrest to protect your spine and joints.

Reduce Screen Time and Stretch

Reduce Screen Time - Five Ways to Make Working from Home Healthier and More Fun

To look after your health while working from home, you will need to learn how to take care of your eyes and your body. Take your eyes off the screen as often as you can, and sit back straight. Make sure that you have a short break every hour, and stretch. If you would like to try something new, put on a short Tai Chi or Yoga video and stretch. You will feel more energized and relaxed after.

Limit Noise

While listening to the radio or your personal playlist while working in your home office is a perk of being self-employed, you need to keep your volume at an acceptable level. We are all tempted to block outside noise and put on our headphones to focus better on the job at hand, but music that is too loud can cause hearing loss and other ear problems.

Working from home might have been your dream for a long time. You should make sure that you limit the health related risks of sitting in the office all day, or you will regret your decision long term.

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