Flex Brains Luminous Wired Gaming Mouse Review

It’s no big secret that I’m a huge tech fan. I love trying out new tech products and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the boys either! They love their technology almost as much as their mom does. So we were super thrilled to have the chance to work with Flex Brains and review the FlexBrains 2400 DPI LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse With Ergonomic Design For Pro Gamers – Fully Compatible with PC, Laptop, Apple macbook Pro!

Flex Brains LED Mouse - Review by Life in a House of Testosterone

I loved the mouse just from watching Kayla Burton’s video review and I knew that my youngest son, Tre, was going to go absolutely bonkers over it. He received a new PC game for Christmas, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and he was complaining about the mouse lagging while he was gaming – so we tried several different ones that I had here at the house. Nothing was “up to his standards” that enabled him to do the lightning quick moves he needs to avoid all sorts of creatures and other things that go bump in the night.


So naturally, I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “Just spent a fortune on the kids for Christmas, and now I need to find a mouse that is high-tech that will allow him to play the game the way that he wants … and THAT will cost me a fortune.” So I told him I would “check around” and see what I could do about getting him a mouse that would work well with the game.

To say that I was thrilled beyond belief when my friend Tara from Dividing by Zero told me about the Flex Brains Luminous Game Mouse would be an understatement … and to realize that it would only cost $29.99 to keep the tween happy? Absolutely PRICELESS!

I digress though. Let Tre tell you all about it. (Don’t mind the messy desk and the messy walls – he is a boy after all.)


My son, if nothing else, is completely honest in his reviews. He was thrilled about the really thick cord (not your usual pencil thin mouse cord) that can withstand a lot of abuse, and he was blown away by the changing colors on the mouse. Flex Brains even scored extra cool points for the “tron wheel” in the middle! He has invited every single kid in our apartment complex over to see his cool new mouse, and even our neighbors are totally enthralled with it and planning on purchasing one for themselves!

Tre and I both give the Flex Brains Luminous Mouse a two thumbs up rating. There is no other software to install for the mouse, you literally just plug it in and go. Tre had to adjust the settings slightly because it was SUPER fast and he had to slow down the response time just a bit, which is easy to do in your mouse settings on your computer.


  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Absolutely beautiful piece of technology that is going to blow your mind with 7 colourful changing LED light luminous every few seconds. The colors combination when glow in dark creates amazing feelings while using this USB wired gaming mouse.
  • OUR PROMISE: We promise you will fall in love with this mouse that has cool design & comfortable touch feelings. Quality product that is sleek & modern with ergonomic design and professionally strong with adjustable CPI resolution gives you best performance in computing technology.
  • 2400 DPI: Best gaming mouse with 2400 DPI suitable for professional gamers.
  • PLUG N PLAY: Simply hook into the USB port, driver will be automatically installed, No Separate Installation media required. Fully tested with Microsoft PC, laptop, Apple MacBook pro.
  • PROFESSIONAL GAMER: Ideal for pro gamers. Fulfilled & shipped by Amazon in beautiful packaging box

About Flex Brains

Flex Brains is an innovative online supplier that specializes in computer accessories. “Flex your brain, not your muscles. Computer accessories and supplies for the smart brains.” Their motto encompasses their goal to give you quality products that make your life easier, not give you more technology-related headaches. From gaming devices to everyday computer product needs, Flex Brains is an all-inclusive manufacturer of top-quality computer supplies.

So why shop with Flex Brains?

I love the convenience of shopping on Amazon.com, but I have to admit, there are times when the shipping prices or the length of time it takes to get something can be a bit annoying. For instance, the teenager ordered some t-shirts for his birthday in mid-November and they didn’t arrive until after Christmas. Some items he ordered a week before Christmas just arrived three days ago.

The team at Flex Brains has extensive experience in the use and distribution of computers and related accessories, and they strive to provide their customers with complete solutions and the least interruption to your daily life. They help you make informed choices, so you get the tools you need with none of the things you don’t.

Flex Brains offers competitive prices and a quick turnaround time. This means you get quality, affordable products in a short time, from order to delivery. I ordered our mouse on a Wednesday. My delivery date was supposed to be on Friday, two days later, but my mouse actually came the next day – LESS THAN 24 HOURS FROM ORDER TO DELIVERY.


Special Deal for Our Readers

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