Foolproof Ways to Encourage Cash Offers

A cash offer is the Holy Grail of a property sale. Not only does it require less red tape, but it is also quicker, easier, and hassle-free. Sadly, buyers don’t have the money in cash, which is why they have to take out a mortgage. As long as you get the right price, it doesn’t matter how the money ends up in your account. Still, if you could, you would rather get paid in cash. Here then, are four foolproof ways to make it happen. Just make sure you have a big enough mattress to hide the money!


When the house goes on the market, the realtor will make a listing and show it to interested parties. Sellers think a listing is just something to catch the eye of potential homeowners, but it’s an advert for the house. On it, there should be the features which are non-negotiable. You can even use those words! So, all you have to do is put it on the listing in plain black and white English. The offers won’t flood in because people won’t have the money in their back pocket. However, a person with cash will see it and may make an offer. You can always change the listing should cash offers not be forthcoming.


Why on earth would you cut a discount for cash? For one thing, it encourages people to find the money and avoid going through the banks and estate agents. Secondly, paying upfront reduces your fees anyway. The commission for the realtor? There’s no need if he or she doesn’t find a buyer. The bank fees? They’re not a problem when the bank isn’t involved. What about taxes? Hell, that’s up to you because there is no definitive money trail! The point is that cash cuts the cost of selling, which is why you can afford to offer a discount.


Yep, some companies specialize in paying cash for a property. The reason is they have enough liquidity, can get it at a decent price, and can flip it for a profit. Main Street Real Estate Solutions is one example of a firm that will buy your house yet there are many more. Don’t see these firms as the enemy but as a potential friend. Say you need to sell the property quickly, they will take a look and give you an estimate. Depending on the circumstances, the offer, and the fact it’s in cash may suffice and both parties can win.

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