Four Home Plumbing Issues That Maintenance Can Prevent

Plumbing issues inside the home can come as a shock to the family, but they can be prevented with regular plumbing maintenance. While many homeowners don’t consider the things that could go wrong in their house, it is best to have a plumber come to the home every so often to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Consider the following issues that may arise:

Four Home Plumbing Issues That Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent

Burst Pipes

While many families fear that burst pipes will happen because of frozen pipes, winter is not the only time to be on the lookout for burst pipes. A pipe can burst when it is made from materials that are unreliable or is clogged to the point of being breached. Regular plumbing maintenance can keep the pipes in the home clear. Also, a plumber will notice if the piping in the home is made of materials that probably should be replaced.

Leaky Faucets

A plumbing expert that does drain cleaning in Riverside has suggested that leaky faucets may not seem like a big problem for most homeowners, but they could be indicative of other issues that are going on inside the home’s plumbing. There are times when a leaky faucet is being fed by a valve that is not closing properly. Also, leaky faucets and shower heads can waste a great deal of water during the course of the day. Having these problems repaired can prevent bigger water leaks from happening and flooding the home when the family least expects it.

Running Toilet

While the toilet is pretty easy to keep from running, it can become a much larger problem is homeowners do not contact a plumber. A running toilet could actually be masking a much larger problem. First, the toilet could have broken or faulty parts on the inside. These parts could let one of the small pipes inside the toilet begin spraying water that will leak outside of the toilet and flood the bathroom. Second, a running toilet could be covering up the sound of a leaky pipe that is behind the wall. Finally, a running toilet wastes water and could dramatically raise the homeowner’s water bills if not repaired.

Refrigerator and Freezer Water Lines

The refrigerator and freezer are very large appliances that are rarely moved around by the homeowner. If the water line behind either of these units is leaking, it could ruin the carpet or flooring under the appliance without the homeowner ever realizing that the unit is leaking. Plus, the homeowner’s water billed could skyrocket with no apparent explanation. 

Each of these home plumbing issues can be handled by a professional and licensed plumber who is expert in keeping the plumbing operational and functioning as best it can.

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  1. You taught me some new stuff tonight! I appreciate that, always. I have been thinking about plumbing a lot lately, actually. (Doesn't that sound funny?). Today I actually stood in the kitchen and replanned my home… did a remodel in my mind. Would LOVE to put it into reality!

    Happy Comment Love-time. 🙂 Its been a great week!

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