Four Things to Consider Before You Get a Loft Conversion

Are you thinking about getting a loft conversion in the future? It’s one of the most common areas of the home to upgrade because there’s plenty of space and it’s relatively easy to access. However, there are a couple of things that you should consider before you decide to go for a loft conversion, and we’ll be covering them in this article.

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1. Is your loft in good condition?

First, it’s important to inspect your loft to see if it’s in good condition before you decide to upgrade it or renovate it. This includes getting a ceiling repair service so that you can quickly identify and fix any issues before you work on them. The last thing you want is to experience a leak in your loft because it’ll ruin any insulation and building upgrades that you’ve installed. If your loft isn’t in good condition before your renovation, then you’re going to face a lot of issues in the future that could’ve been completely avoided.

2. What do you plan to do with your loft?

Once you’ve taken a look at your loft and have confirmed that it’s in good condition, you can start thinking about what you plan to do with it. You could turn your attic into a living space, you could use it as an elaborate storage area, or you could even transform it into a personal hobby room. There are plenty of ideas that you could try and you might want to consult other family members to see if they could make use of them as well. Just make sure your ideas are practical for a loft because there is a limited amount of space that you can’t really expand.

3. What kind of design are you going for?

While most people understand the concept of a loft conversion, they usually don’t know that there are different kinds of loft conversions depending on the shape and size of your roof. While most of it is dictated by the amount of space you have and the shape of your loft, you need to consider things like how you want the roof to be shaped, how much space you want to leave for insulation, and so on. It’s best to contact a specialist when it comes to deciding on the design that you want. Their advice will lead to a much better end result.

4. Will you need to hire an electrician?

Lastly, don’t forget that you might need to consider hiring an electrician to add more outlets to your loft. If you currently need to use a long extension cord, then you might find it more convenient to just add more sockets to your loft. This isn’t a simple project and we don’t suggest doing this on your own if you don’t have plenty of experience as an electrician. Get in touch with a local contractor, let them know about your plans to get a loft conversion, and work with them to figure out the best options you have to bring power to your loft area.

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