Four Tips for Reducing The Stress of Relocating Your Family

Uncertainty and chaos can cause stress in any situation. Those two factors can further increase the average amount of stress that often accompanies a relocation adventure. There are several tips you can implement to make relocating your family less stressful for everyone.

Four Tips for Reducing The Stress of Relocating Your Family

Family discussions

The months and weeks prior to the actual moving date are often hectic. Regardless of how busy you might be, it’s imperative that you remain aware of how relocating is affecting your children. You should take time from your busyness to have some family meetings to discuss everyone’s ideas, fears, uncertainties and hopefully their excitement. Whenever your child begins talking about the move, if at all possible, stop what you’re doing and listen to what they’re saying.

Research the new area

Another way to relieve some of the uncertainty your family has regarding the new area you are moving to is to visit the area. Before you go, make sure you know some of the fun places to take your kids. If traveling there is not a realistic option, make use of the internet to familiarize your family with the highlights of the new area.

Take advantage of storage units

If you’re trying to sell your home before moving, renting a storage unit can help eliminate stress-inducing chaos. You can pack away those personal items that need to be removed as part of the staging process. Excess furniture, home decor, toys and clothing can be packed and stored in a unit until moving day or until you’re ready to pick them up. Making your home look spacious is a key part of the staging process. Renting a storage unit can help your closets, cabinets, garage, basement and entire house look much more spacious.

Plan and organize

As soon as you know you’ll be relocating your family, devise a timeline for moving preparation. Planning ahead includes arranging for a moving truck and gathering medical, vet and school records in advance of moving day. Make sure you have plans for transporting your pets. Begin packing early, label the boxes and stack them in a spare room or in a storage unit until you’re ready to move. Give every family member designated responsibilities so that no one feels left out.

Organization can prevent your house from looking chaotic and keep you from feeling stressed prior to moving day. Familiarizing the family with the new area can relieve stress caused by feelings of uncertainty.

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