Friday Finds #17 – Hello Fall Edition

Can you smell it in the air, my friends? Fall is upon us – and all the wonderful pumpkin spice, crackling wood fire pit fun during a cool, backyard farewell to summer, beautifully colored leaves gently falling around you as you walk through your favorite park – it is one of my most favorite seasons!

friday finds fall edition

Monday, 23 September 2019, is the first day of fall but we are kicking off this cider-filled, fall decorating, Halloween-anticipating, spiced everything season today!

Halloween Treats & a Fall BOGO Sale

I love it when there are sales on items I crave! I’m a gift basket junkie – there is a gift basket for every season, occasion, holiday, event – you name it – at These are my favorite Halloween gift baskets this year, and from now until 30 September 2019, you can buy one get one 50% off when you use coupon code BOGO50.

Give the gift of Ghirardelli this Halloween.  This makes a fun gift filled with delicious Ghirardelli squares.  It also comes with a Halloween Teddy Bear to top it off!

Our funky designed trick or treat bag is filled with everyone’s favorite Halloween goodies. Included in this Halloween treat are Movie Theater size boxes of candies, Hershey Kisses, Kit Kats, Hershey’s Miniatures, Reese’s mini cups, etc. This treat bag not only will bring a smile to their faces but they can still use it to Trick or Treat with! Personally? The witch’s feet bag is totally all I want lol!

The main attraction of this trick or treat bucket is the Godiva chocolate but you’ll get so much more chocolate from a variety of sources! A true chocolate lover’s delight right here!

Keep The Candy – Ditch the Bacteria and Plaque with EverSmile

What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t follow up on the above post with information on how to avoid the irritation of cleaning braces, aligners, or retainers for our kids (and parents) using such devices?

With only 6 weeks till Halloween, kids are thinking of and looking forward to one thing and one thing only – the candy. Sticky, sugar-filled, cavity-making candy. So to keep your stress levels down parents, I want to tell you about a fantastic product from our friends at EverSmile.

In 2013, Dr. Michael Florman and Camilo Triana founded EverSmile, a leading innovator in the orthodontic care and oral appliance care market. Dr. Florman set out to answer a question parents and aligner wearers were constantly asking, “How do I keep my clear aligners clean and fresh?”

You see, aligners start to get dirty the moment you put them in your mouth. The tight fit that moves your teeth also prevents saliva from washing your teeth clean, meaning bacteria levels can soar, plague biofilm builds up, and you know what that means? Stinky swamp mouth that has your friends running down the hallway away from you like they had wings on their feet, and you’re stuck with a cloudy or yellowing aligner. 

The number one problem with wearing aligners; whitening and cleaning on-the-go. Grab an EverSmile AlignerFresh 2-Pack for after meals when you can’t rinse. AlignerFresh uses hydrogen peroxide-based anionic EverClean technology. In layman’s terms that means 99.999% of common oral bacteria were killed within 60 seconds of exposure in laboratory testing. Oh, and did we mention you can apply it up to 6 times per day? So no excuses for swamp mouth kiddo!

Dr. Florman’s patented application of advanced anionic hydrogen peroxide technology provides cleanliness, freshness, and teeth whitening to aligner patients. As a result, EverSmile has since expanded to apply this technology to braces, clear aligners and retainers, sports mouth guards, dentures, and partials with a full line of products!

  • OrthoFoam
  • WhiteFoam
  • AlignerFresh
  • SportsFresh
  • FreshDent
  • WhitenFresh

Best news of all? EverSmile is available in the United States at CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Harmon, and Kinney Drug as well as in Canada, Europe, India, and Australia.

So go ahead, kids … enjoy that candy haul this year, just make sure you have your EverSmile in your pocket for afterward! 🙂

The Car Seat Key

September 21st serves as a reminder for parents to double-check the safety of their car seats. With road safety, we trust car seats to protect our children, but it’s still our job to make sure they can be released safely when involved in an accident. One simple addition to a keychain will come in handy in emergency situations.

The Car Seat Key is a simple handheld tool that presses in the red harness release button on children’s car seats. With one hand you can easily and quickly release your child from his or her car seat harness. The product loved by Khloe Kardashian for helping moms with long nail struggles can also assist anyone in need of releasing a child from his or her harness fast and easy in an emergency. Is grandma and grandpa babysitting? For those with arthritis or carpal tunnel, The Car Seat Key distributes this weight through your entire hand versus just one finger.

The Car Seat Key Works in Three Easy Steps:

  • Slide The Car Seat Key over the car seat harness release button
  • Apply slight pressure
  • Release the harness

Other “Key” Features: 

  • Child safety tested and approved
  • Quick-release keychain to keep on your keys, purse, diaper bag or any other place that is safely out of reach from your child  
  • Comes in five colors
  • Fast priority shipping
  • Made in the USA

Ensure an extra step of preparedness with The Car Seat Key! For more information, visit them on their website, or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

We’ll Get Through This Together!

Hospitals can be a scary place for children, especially when they are patients. As the founder of the Canine-N-Kids Foundation, Ulrike Szalay witnessed this first-hand and saw the paws-itve connection that these patients had with their furry friends. This inspired her to write We’ll Get Through This Together!, a children’s picture book told from the perspective of a black lab as joins a young boy going through cancer treatments at the hospital.

Not only does the book provide comfort to children battling life-threatening illnesses, but it continues to spread the word about the work Canine-N-Kids is doing. Szalay created the foundation in 2016 to help fund research and develop cancer treatments in both children and dogs. The program’s new initiative, Project Heart-N-Tails, aims to distribute We’ll Get Through This Together! along with a black stuffed lab to all 16,000 children who will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States. All proceeds from book sales go back to Project Heart-N-Tails.

We’ll Get Through This Together! is available on Amazon, and you can learn more about the Canine-N-Kids Foundation on their website.

Have You Heard of Lunchskins?

Lunchskins, the inventor of the Recyclable + Sealable Paper Food Storage Bags and the Reusable Food-Safe, Dishwasher-Safe Food Storage Bag, announced a new addition to the brand’s hugely successful paper bag line. The new Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Food Storage Bags will be on shelves at Container Stores nationwide and available on for back-to-school 2019.  

Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Paper Bags

As additives, bleach and wax mean paper products cannot easily biodegrade or be recycled.  This new line takes Lunchskins, with products conceived to promote sustainability and style, to a whole new level of Earth-friendliness.

Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Quart Size Paper Bag

“This innovative Lunchskins bag represents a new paradigm in plastic-bag-free food storage. Every Lunchskins product helps heal the planet and promote consumer wellbeing, while also delivering on convenience, affordability, and style,” said Kirsten Quigley, CEO, and Founder of Lunchskins. “Consumers can feel good knowing that our bags help reduce the use and disposal of planet-damaging, single-use plastic food storage bags.”  How awesome is this?!?

Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Paper Bags are made from Kraft paper from FSC Certified Forests and come with 60 fun recyclable stickers. Each box includes fifty high-quality, stylish paper bags, accessibly priced at $3.99-$4.99 per box. The easy-to-use once and toss responsibly line includes:

Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Paper Sandwich Size Bags 50 Ct – Avocado Print– Because, seriously who doesn’t love avocados?

Lunchskins Unbleached + Non-Wax Paper Quart Size Bags 50 Ct – Chevon Print – Perfect print for every member of the household.

Lunchskins bags are available wherever natural and organic products are sold, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Kroger, Target, Amazon, Container Store, and others. Products also are available online at and

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