Friday Finds #18

This week’s edition of Friday Finds has been canceled. I started off with a cold last week that my son brought home from school on Wednesday or Thursday. Actually thought it was allergies at first. I still was able to ride my bike and go about my daily business – but did notice that I was getting tired quicker than usual. I even took this amazing photo on Tuesday morning. I was feeling totally awesome.

Then Tuesday night came and the cough got worse. Still didn’t think it was anything more than allergies. I woke up Wednesday morning to go for my ride – didn’t even make it a mile before I was back home and could barely breathe. Things really went downhill after coming home from the ride, and by that evening I was at Patient First waiting to croak.

I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Lovely. Unbeknownst to me, a simple cold from the kid can be disastrous for me since I already have COPD and my immune system was low.

So here we are, day three of being “official pneumonia” and I’m chomping at the bit to get better while hubby and the teenager are doing everything short of strapping me to the bed to keep me resting and hydrating.

I’ve tried ice chips, popsicles, warm chicken broth, hot tea, cough drops – even these Benzonatate capsules the doctor gave me to ease the coughing and nothing seems to be working so great.

So the plan is to have double the fun next week. Provided I don’t die and all that. You know. Any suggestions or tips to stop the coughing would be most appreciated!

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