Friday Finds #22

Here we are folks, just a few days away from Halloween. Have you finished decking the yard out with ghouls and ghosts and tombstones? Did you make some Glowing Eyes to hide in the bushes? We have some great suggestions on Halloween decoration ideas that cost you just a couple of bucks and don’t take a week to make!


A Christmas List from A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish

Remember we told you about A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish last week? Well, guess what the elves delivered to us this week?

A beautiful Christmas Wish List that you can print out and give to friends and family to fill out to help you with your shopping! A great way to take the guesswork out of the equation when you’re elbow-deep in the Black Friday shopping frenzy! Hint – it’s actually included in the article we linked to – make lists to know what you need to pick up!


October is National Eczema Month

I absolutely adore the seasons changing from summer to fall, but what I don’t like? The itching and scratching that starts up as moisture leave the air and the humidity levels drop here in the South. It’s enough to make anyone want to run to the nearest ocean and become a mermaid or merman just to get some relief!

Us “normal folk” aren’t the only ones affected by eczema either. Celebrities like Kristen Bell do as well, and she is just one of the 31 million people in the U.S. living with this annoying, painful, inflammatory skin disease. 2 out of every 10 children are affected by the condition as well. If you’ve ever had a child that dealt with a horrid case of chickenpox, you know the itching and scratching is NOT anything a parent wants to deal with if it can be avoided.

So why am I sharing this with you? Because as a sufferer myself (and having waited almost a YEAR to see a freaking dermatologist) I’ve been at my wits end the past few weeks trying to find some relief.

5 Tips to Help You Live with Eczema

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Hydration is Key. A big trigger of eczema has to do with water loss! Make sure to replace any moisture that is lost, because that makes people more prone to inflammation and skin irritation. Also, make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep those hydration levels up.

Using products such as petroleum jelly right after a bath or shower can help seal the moisture back into the skin. I am not a gigantic fan of petroleum jelly, so I like to use Skin-So-Soft instead. You can use your favorite product as well.

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Body Wash. A pediatrician’s solution for soothing dry, itchy, irritated, sensitive skin for children of all ages, big and small. This moisturizing cleanser is a dermatologist and clinically tested, is free of skin irritants like fragrance, dye, alcohol, sulfates, phthalates, and preservatives that are known as parabens. In fact, over 95% of Dr. Eddie’s ingredients are of natural plant-based origin. Ingredients were carefully selected for their soothing properties – Oatmeal Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5, and Hyaluronic Acid. Happy Cappy is cruelty-free and vegan. Buy it on Amazon!

Lush's Dream Cream

Lush Dream Cream. This cream is very appropriately named because anyone with eczema who has tried it will tell you it “works like a dream.” For skin that reacts to just about anything, treat it to this classic, calming blend of oat milk, lavender, and chamomile. It’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter are great for softening up dry or chapped skin, and rose oil helps to tone down redness and irritation. Do your skin a favor and treat it right with Lush’s Dream Cream.

Get a Humidifier. Dry air and climates can pull moisture right from the skin, thus making a case of eczema even worse. Since humidity tends to remain lower during the wintertime, having a humidifier in your home or office which is designed to add moisture into the air can definitely help.

Try Not to Scratch. We know, easier said than done! However, scratching skin affected by eczema is sort of like pouring gasoline on a fire in order to put it out. Scratching will only make the situation worse. Sometimes people even scratch in their sleep and don’t realize that they are doing it. (cough, cough, me!) In these cases, revert back to a trick used for babies who scratch and put socks on your hands if you have to.

If You Give an Ox an Oxy

Sadly, drug addiction is something that has touched our family, and unfortunately, I’m sure it is something that may have touched yours as well somewhere down the family tree.

Opioids are a growing epidemic in the United States. According to a study, the annual mortality rate for children and adolescents due to opioids rose 268% in the last twenty years. Additionally, only 16% of parents have talked to their teens about prescription pain medication abuse. PharmD and mother of two, Dr. Laura Happe, is trying to change that statistic with a book for adolescents and parents to talk about prescription medication use.

Remember the classic children’s book series If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? The mouse wanted a cookie, then the moose wanted a muffin. But the Ox that wanted an oxy? That is what Dr. Happe is proposing in her new book, If You Give an Ox an Oxy (Morgan James Publishing, November 19, 2019), an engaging picture book that educates kids about the dangers of opioid use and gives parents the tools to start important discussions about this national crisis.

As a pharmacist, researcher, and educator, Dr. Happe has dedicated herself to helping people make better decisions when it comes to pharmaceutical use. She is passionate about arming parents with the information they need to talk with their kids about the dangers of using addictive opioids. Unlike any book before it, If You Give an Ox an Oxy shows how addiction can happen, what addiction and treatment look like, and why relapses occur. This unique and brightly illustrated story, which is supported throughout by facts and statistics, creates a comfortable environment in which to have discussions about a hefty topic.

In If You Give an Ox an Oxy, readers follow Ox as he begins by taking just a few opioids for an injury, until a few turns into a lot, and a lot turns into an addiction. Written in simple prose, Ox’s story is meant to feel familiar to kids and young adults while also teaching them an invaluable lesson.

As a parent of a tween and teen, my husband and I have purchased several books as support in discussing complex topics with them, from bullying and puberty to internet safety,” Dr. Happe shares. “But when looking for a resource to help them understand today’s opioid epidemic, we found few options were available. As a pharmacist who was taught in school that opioids were not addictive, I wanted to be part of the solution and I hope to do so with Ox.

DR. LAURA E. HAPPE, PHARMD is a pharmacist, researcher, and educator who uses data to help people make better decisions. As an executive leader in the pharmacy and insurance industries, she has developed new businesses and strategies, including the opioid epidemic response at a Fortune 50 health care company. 

Dr. Happe is the chief editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy and a professor at the University of Florida and Wingate University. She lives with her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they teach their kids that happiness is a choice.

For more information, visit or connect with Dr. Happe on Facebook and LinkedIn. If You Give an Ox an Oxy will be available at Amazon, and wherever books are sold.


Holiday Stamps Arrive October 25

Y’all know that I am a Christmas girl at heart, right? So I’m thrilled to bring you this tidbit of news from the Postal Service about their beautiful new holiday stamps that will be available Friday, October 25th – today!

These stamps are perfect for you crafty types – especially those that love creating holiday wreaths and mailing cards or other greetings for the holidays.

Displayed on a door, in a window or over a mantel, wreaths are symbols of joy and celebration, inviting the spirit of the season into the home.

Inspired by the holiday decorating traditions of early America, the four wreaths featured on these stamps are classic yet contemporary. Their designs create feelings of warmth and welcome. Wreaths are often made from materials easily found during the winter months, including pinecones, dried flowers, and berries.

postal service holiday stamps 2019
  • The ribbon leaf wreath is inspired by French floral art. Aspidistra leaves, folded and manipulated to resemble ribbons, create a long-lasting wreath.
  • Gilded pinecones and magnolia pods grace the wreath trimmed with cranberry red ribbon.
  • Red and gold ribbon adorns the wreath made from gilded dried hydrangea, eucalyptus and nandina foliage, red berries, and small ornaments.
  • The woodland bush ivy and red winterberry wreath present a classic red and green palette.

Aren’t they purty? I might just buy a whole bunch of booklets to spread Christmas cheer all year long! 🙂

The Postal Service will issue the Holidays Wreaths stamps in booklets of 20. Customers may purchase stamps and other philatelic products through The Postal Store at, by calling 800-STAMP24 (800-782-6724), by mail through USA Philatelic, or at Post Office locations nationwide.

Just an FYI – The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations.


No matter your parenting style, these are gifts that we know every parent is going to enjoy having in their arsenal!

Adventure Seeking Mom & Dad: Free Spirit SP Diaper Backpack from Humble-Bee

Free Spirit Diaper Backpack from Humble-Bee

For those who love adventures and trekking through the great outdoors, a growing family means a growing amount of items with children in tow. Don’t let those bulky diaper bags weigh you down! Humble-Bee has active parents in mind producing the lightest weight diaper bags that double as carry-all day packs. Available on Amazon for $69.98.

For Moms Only: Giftgowns Maternity Gown

Giftgowns Maternity Gown

These babies (pun intended) are hospital gowns but with a unique twist. They come in a wide assortment of colors and oh-so-cute designs! This is one maternity line that mamas-to-be are going to love! Products available are socks, hats, and gowns – you can even design your own on the website. Even better? They make breastfeeding a cinch! Check out the Maternity line on Amazon too! Prices range from $14.99 to $49.99.

For Moms Only: Previse Care MommyBalm  

Previse Care MommyBalm

When used as directed Previse’s beloved MommyBalm peptide cream helps to reduce the depth, discoloration, and texture of stretch marks! Purchase on for $81 or choose a subscription plan and only pay $68.85. Available on Amazon for $75.00.

For The Parents Who Value A Good Night’s Sleep: Sleep Crown “Over The Head” Pillow

Sleep Crown Over the Head Pillow

If my parents were to answer the question “What Is The Best Gift You Could Receive Right Now?”, the answer would 100% be MORE SLEEP!  We all know, no matter how great you are at gifting, you can’t necessarily make that happen; however,

The Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Pillow will guarantee mom and dad’s best night’s sleep, even when you’re on the go or traveling.  Sleep Crown is the innovative over-the-head pillow designed to block natural and artificial light, muffle ambient sound and give gentle pressure over the head to relax your whole body for proper, uninterrupted sleep.  Unlike the average rectangle pillow, Sleep Crown is contoured at the bottom so you can breathe safely and freely.

Sleep Crown’s Traveler is soft and comforting over the head pillow and does an exceptional job of blocking light and muffling disruptive ambient noise when you’re out adventuring around the world. Available at Sleep Crown for $128.00 to $159.00.

For the New Parents Who Needs to be Hands-Free: Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Multiple kids, working from home or constantly on the go?  The juggle is real! 

For busy parents, the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier is a simple and supportive structure that is both comfortable and comforting. Winner of multiple parenting awards in 2018 & 2019, the yoga-inspired material makes this one a clear winner for all new parents! NEW Camo print available as well black, gray, midnight blue. Top rated on Amazon and available for just $69.99.

For The On-The-Go Parents Who Like To Stay Organized: Diaper Back Backpack By KeaBabies

Diaper Bag Backpack by KeaBabies

KeaBabies has created the ultimate Explorer Diaper Bag Backpack that holds everything you could ever need as a parent on the go, plus dads will love this bag so much, they might even want to use it as their go-to work bag!  KeaBabies Explorer Diaper Bag Backpack is designed with functionality, style, and quality for mom and dad to enjoy parenthood without the worry of switching from bag to bag.

Available on the KeaBabies website for $39.96 or on Amazon for $28.96.

For the Parents Who Wants to Keep it Eco-Friendly: Bamboo Diapers 

As parents, we know all too well that what touches our baby’s delicate skin is just as important as what we feed them!  Eco Pea Co. has carefully crafted a superior line of diapers and wipes free from all dangerous chemicals, additives, fragrances, phthalates, latex, and BPA. Available at Eco Pea Co., prices vary by size.

Thanks so much for joining us again this week!

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