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Friday Finds is a day late this week, sorry about that! It’s been a crazy week here friends! There has been lots happening here at Life in a House behind the scenes, and much we have to share with you, so I’m going to spin my tale while I enjoy a delicious Iced Turtle Macchiato from McDonald’s – have you tried them yet? OMG delicious … I’ll be bouncing off the walls in no time, but I’m a sucker for cold coffee drinks, ha!

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Rufus Teague Saucin’ & Rubbin BBQ Kit – #SummerGrilling #Saucin&Rubbin #BBQ #RufusTeague

Summer’s best food and festivities officially begin on Sunday, May 6th – well according to Rufus Teague, the authority on all  things BBQ. The team at Rufus Teague said, “This year, the day after Cinco de Mayo officially switches to America’s time!”

Rufus Teague Sauces and RubbinsWith the motto that good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder, Rufus Teague upgrades the flavor of steaks, chicken, fish and even finger lickin’! A Kansas City sauce you can put on anything you’re cookin’, enjoy a boosted BBQ taste no matter the season with Rufus Teague.

  • Just in time to hone your grill skills before Memorial Day
  • Average high temp across US is a perfect 75 degrees
  • Average of 14 hours of daylight
  • Trees and grass are finally filled-in and beautiful
  • May is National BBQ month

BBQ sauces and rubs are perfect for spring and summer cooking! Try these mouth-watering sauces from Rufus Teague:

Honey Sweet

Full of honey and sweetness, the name says it all with this award-winning sauce. Great for grilling, basting, dipping and drinking straight from the bottle, this sauce doesn’t have a ton of spice, but your tongue will know it’s there.

Whiskey Maple

Hungry for a little hooch in his sauce, Old Rufus got all roostered-up and decided to add some Whiskey in the mix. Throwing in some maple syrup to sweeten the deal, it was no surprise that it quickly became a fan favorite!

Touch O’Heat

Give your next meal a kick with this delicious combination of sweetness and spice! Kinda hot but kinda not, this smoky, sweet, Kansas City BBQ sauce has just enough zest to make your taste buds jump into action.

All products except for Steak Rub and Fish Rub are Non-GMO Project Verified BBQ Products. All products are Kosher and Gluten-Free, with no high fructose used. Connect with Rufus Teague Made Some Sauce on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Share a Coke and a Smile with a Personalized Message – #Moms #Dads #Grads #Coke

Coca-Cola Personalized Bottles

Essential Charms Nature’s Beauty Necklace and Lava Stones – #EssentialCharms #EssentialJewelry #Necklaces #Bracelets #Earrings

I am absolutely in love with this company folks – seriously. The quality of the lava stones, the beautiful detail and craftsmanship on the necklace, absolutely stunning!

Essential Charms Nature's Beauty Necklace

Nature’s Beauty features and attractive flower and leaf design with slight tear drop shape making it one of our most popular essential oil necklaces. I know I absolutely love mine. As the website states – it is the perfect necklace for anyone who loves nature, flowers and essential oil blends. That would be me! One or two drops of a new oil I picked up at Treasures of Health lasts 3-5 days.

Locket is 16mm in diameter with the lava stone size between 14-16mm in diameter. The cord is 30 inches. All of the Essential Charms oil lockets are plated in sterling silver and are finished with a clear “e-coat” layer to prevent against scratches and tarnishing. They also contain no nickel or lead in any of the lava stone jewelry.

Essential Charms Lava Stones

Now you can adjust your lava stone color to match your favorite outfit. Or have one stone for the different scents you like to wear. That’s what I did. I requested the set of 5 Lava Stones so that I could change up the stones for the different scents that I wanted to use. This way, I don’t have to wait several days for the oil to dissipate before I can use a different oil, just change out the stone!

Each stone is 100% natural lava stone and are typically 14-16mm in diameter and are for use in the locket necklaces.

You can find more beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings from Essential Charms on their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram – and be sure to check out the blog for some great helpful articles on essential oil brands. Also take a moment to check out the essential oil blend that I bought and the absolutely amazing roll-on essential perfume oil in Coco Mango!

Bring Something New to the Party this Summer — Zipzicle® DIY Ice Pop Pouches

Now these handy little pouches are NEAT! I love having a popsicle to nosh on sitting pool side in the sweltering heat, but it bums me out that I can never find any in a flavor that I would really like. There are always the same old flavors, year after year. The Zipzicle® pouches are great – not just for frozen treats – but for everyday healthy snacks, snacks on the go, birthday party treats, BBQs, weddings, game day with team colors, and more… even cocktail ice pops for adults. Holla!

Zipzicle Pouches

Summer is close which means outdoor fun, BBQs, and parties are just around the corner.  When looking to spruce up your next party with something fun and delicious, Zipzicle® zip-top ice pop pouches are the perfect treat – and for every day fun, too.  More and more moms are turning to real food and saying bye-bye to processed, sugary snacks, and now they have an easy way to make healthy ice pops without any molds or sticks – just zip-top pouches that are easy to fill and freeze. 

Inspired by her son who was sensitive to the dyes in store-bought popsicles, mom Shawna, invented these clever DIY ice pop pouches so families can make their own nutritious version of freeze pops. 

“In 2009, we discovered that our son, Luke, could not eat items that contained strong food dyes. So, we began making our own ice pops at home using traditional hard molds with sticks. It did the trick, but wasn’t completely user friendly – and we couldn’t take ice pops on the go.  One day while in the car Luke made the comment, ‘too bad we can’t bring them with us.’ Well that was all it took. It was our ‘aha!’ moment for the idea of Zipzicle® zip-top pops,” shares Shawna, mom and founder of Zipzicle brand products.

Through extensive prototyping, market testing, and employing smart design, Zipzicle® ice-pop pouches are safe and easy to use:

  • BPA Free, BPS Free, Phthalate Free
  • Recyclable (#7) and safe even at commercial freezer temperatures
  • No sticks
  • No small parts to lose or lids to replace
  • Reinforced sides and durable material but still soft on mouths
  • Easily make large batches
  • Perfect for parties, teams,  & families
  • Great for on-the-go snacking
  • You control the ingredients
  • No allergy worries
  • Provide healthy choices with yogurts, fruit or vegetables
  • Create delicious refreshing cocktail pops for adults
  • Perfect for kids who split their lip and to help sick kids stay hydrated in a healthier way
  • Available in 18-count, 36-count, or 100-count packs 
  • Keep tiny hands cozy with a Neoprene Ice Pop Holder

You can find them in many of your local Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well as on Amazon! Be sure to visit the website – – where visitors can enter for a chance to win a year supply of Zipzicle® pouches and get 15% off along with free US shipping for orders $10 or more. Follow them on social media – Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram – and do not miss the PRINTABLE RECIPES section on the website!

Magilla TV #CastingCall

Our friends at Magilla TV are holding some additional casting calls. Just click the image below on the casting call that you are interested in and a new email will pop open for you to submit your story directly to the casting director. Good luck to each of you – and be sure to let us know if you’re accepted!

Hope that you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this weekly edition of Friday Saturday Finds! (Sorry for the delay!)

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