Friday Finds #4

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Sorry that we’re running behind schedule on this week’s edition of Friday Finds! Hubby decided that he was going to do something Friday that he originally said he was going to do Saturday so I spent the afternoon running all over town with him to get it finished. I think he just didn’t want to be at work honestly. So hopefully I will get this finished up this evening to still be a Friday post but if not, it will be in your inbox first thing Saturday morning!

Friday Finds on Life in a House

Using a new table of contents feature here on the blog for longer posts such as these. Let me know what you think of it. Helpful? Annoying? With that said, here we go! Lots to share this week!

HOME Fresh – 100% Hypoallergenic + Odor Neutralizing Carpet

Empire Today HOME Fresh Carpet

Ever dreamed of hypoallergenic, odor-neutralizing carpet? Well dream no more! Empire Today rolled out HOME Fresh carpet, the world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic, odor neutralizing carpet this month!!!

Cleaner fresher homes for the 68% of American households that own pets and the 50 million Americans who report suffering from nasal allergies! Check out the details from their press release.

Empire Today Press Release

Exclusively from Empire®, HOME Fresh carpet delivers three innovations in one carpet. First, HOME Fresh carpet features one-of-a-kind construction with a built-in premium padding that provides better airflow through the carpet, allowing dust, dirt and pet dander to be more easily vacuumed up than traditional carpet. Second, the carpet fibers and padding are made using recycled plastic bottles, so they don’t absorb moisture, helping prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Finally, a naturally occurring mineral infused into the carpet fibers helps neutralize household odors like those from pets, smoking, and cooking. HOME Fresh doesn’t mask smells like an air freshener but neutralizes them, leaving homes smelling fresher.

“HOME Fresh carpet, exclusively available at Empire Today, is the most exciting innovation in the flooring category in decades. Empire Today’s HOME Fresh carpet is great for homes with people who suffer from nasal allergies or respiratory conditions, or for people who just want a cleaner and fresher home,” said Keith Weinberger, Empire Today’s CEO.

“HOME Fresh carpet fibers won’t absorb moisture and offers superior air flow versus traditional carpet, inhibiting the ability of allergens like mold or mildew to grow. Additionally, HOME Fresh helps eliminates odors, keeping homes smelling fresh. HOME Fresh invites consumers across America to reconsider carpet again. In fact, research has found that hypoallergenic benefits doubles the number of people who would consider purchasing carpet,” Weinberger added.

Pet odors from occasional accidents and allergens in the home are a major concern among Americans, with 43 million households owning a dog and 36 million households with one or more cats. Pet dander and other allergens trapped in traditional carpet can aggravate homeowners’ and guests’ allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies, affecting 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children.

Eco-friendly HOME Fresh is made from recycled materials and is itself 100 percent recyclable. It is latex and VOC- (volatile organic compounds) free with no harmful chemicals. To extend its durability, all HOME Fresh is treated Scotchgard® Protector Advanced Repel Technology for long-lasting spill protection, plus HOME Fresh comes with Limited Lifetime Stain and Soil warranties.

HOME Fresh is offered in premium frieze and super-premium plush carpet styles with 10 color options to match any decor. Anyone can schedule an in-home appointment with Empire to see HOME Fresh by calling 800-558-2300 or by visiting

About Empire Today, LLC

Empire Today, LLC, also commonly known as Empire Carpet and for its famous 800-588-2300® jingle, has been a leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for almost 60 years. Empire serves residential and business customers with a wide selection of products for homes, small businesses, organizations, and commercial applications. Empire offers quality, name-brand products including carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile, vinyl flooring, and window treatments. Empire provides shop-at-home convenience or on-site consultations, next-day professional installation on many products, quality products at great prices, and world-class service to about 75 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. With over two million satisfied customers, Empire Today is dedicated to customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

Vivi G’z Baby Booties #BabyGifts

Now, I know we don’t talk about baby things here on Life in a House very often – having teenagers and all – but I just had to share these with you. Besides … you never know when one of your kids might nonchalantly mention in passing that he’s having a baby and you’re going to be a grandmother.

One of the things I remember most about their childhood days were the missing socks! Whether those slippery suckers fall off on their own, or your baby’s curious hands continue to pull them off, Vivi G’z is here to protect their precious feet.

These adorable, patent-pending baby booties are designed to fit sizes 3 up to 24 months, and are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs to match any drool-worthy outfit! These booties are especially great for babies while crawling, as Vivi G’z also keeps pant legs in place while they’re on the go! The silicone-gripped sole can also help keep your baby’s balance as they conquer they’re first steps.

In an effort to give back, Vivi G’z donates a portion of proceeds to Soles4Souls, a charity dedicated to “wearing out poverty” by providing donated shoes to those around the world who need it most.

Vivi G'z Baby Booties

A baby’s foot might as well be the Bermuda Triangle for socks. Instead of spending your day searching, turn to Vivi G’z to save the day. By comfortably securing the pant leg in place, and baby-proofing the sock, your baby’s foot will remain covered throughout the day! This 100% American owned & operated brand is here to solve a common parent dilemma with style and functionality.

Vivi G’z styles include:

The ‘BASIC’ style: Soft cotton fabric, comfortable elastic, adjustable drawcord, no-slip grip

The ‘CUFF’ style: All the wonders of the BASIC style, with a stylish cuff to top it off.

ALL products 100% designed and manufactured in the US and prices range from $37 – $40. Visit for more information.

Boutique Camping Luna Bell Tent #FamilyActivities #Glamping #Camping

I love camping, love being outdoors. Even though I have not had the chance to do any camping in eons, when I saw this tent I immediately fell in love with it. I mean, how can you not love a tent shaped like that? 

Boutique Camping’s exciting new Luna bell tent has a highly distinctive dome shape that maximizes internal space and creates a sense of dramatic grandeur, making it perfect for glampers and family campers.

Boutique Camping Luna Bell Tent

The design reflects how glamping has evolved in recent years. Besides wanting a tent that is spacious and eye-catching, glampers also want a tent that can be set up quickly. Setting up the Luna Bell tent takes just a few minutes thanks to this innovative design which includes a heavy-duty zipped in ground sheet, allowing the tent to be pitched as one.

It has a sturdy center pole and the dome shape makes it very stable and able to withstand strong winds. There is ample space for both people and furniture. The high walls make the interior incredibly spacious with plenty of head space.

The fabric is both strong and lightweight and is specially treated to be mold, mildew and rot resistant – and of course water-resistant too! The high doorway means no needing to bend to enter the tent, and the addition of a large round window means it’s easier than ever to feel connected to the great outdoors. Both windows and door are protected by mesh so it keeps the bugs out while allowing for greater airflow – ideal for those hot summer days.

The Boutique Camping Luna bell tent comes complete with a mallet, high quality tent pegs, new no-slip guy rope sliders, reflective guy ropes and a sturdy carry bag with a waterproof base. 

Boutique Camping Weekender Bell Tent #FamilyActivities #Camping #FestivalCamping

Boutiques Camping’s funky new Weekender bell tent has been designed with festival goers in mind. The Weekender looks just like our traditional bell tents but is made from lightweight polyester. The 4m version comes in at just 12kg whilst the 5m version is just 16kg, making them half the weight of canvas bell tents.

Boutique Camping The Weekender Tent

Ideal for festivals and weekend camping trips, the Weekender bell tent is available in three different colours. Choose from classic sandstone for a traditional bell tent look, for those that want to stand out there’s the bright and funky rainbow pattern or for something a little different there’s the Aztec with its distinctive pattern.

The Weekender bell tent can be erected quickly and easily by just one person and because they are so much lighter, transporting them to the festival or campsite is much easier. Despite the lighter material and lower price tag though you’ll still find the same high quality features that come as standard with all Boutique Camping tents.

The Weekender bell tent includes a sturdy centre pole and metal A-frame which forms the doorway. Inside there’s a heavy-duty zipped-in ground sheet that can be unzipped, allowing the sides of the tent to be rolled up to let the air flow through and there’s four zipped windows and air vents at the top for extra ventilation. As well as being lightweight and durable, the Weekender bell tent is easy to look after, requiring far less maintenance than a traditional canvas bell tent, and after a downpour it will dry out much more quickly too.

The Boutique Camping Weekender bell tent comes complete with a mallet, high quality tent pegs, new no-slip guy rope sliders, reflective guy ropes and a sturdy carry bag with a waterproof base. 

You really need to check out the Boutique Camping website if you love camping. They have a full range of tents to choose from besides the two mentioned here, and more glamping accessories than I have ever seen in one location. If you can think of it, they probably have it! 

Real Life Dinners: Fun, Fresh, Fast Dinners from Rachel Hollis

Real Life Dinners Fun, Fresh, Fast Dinners from Rachel Hollis available May 8, 2018

Rachel is a mom of four, creator of The Chic Site, author and wife. Dinner has always played a pivotal role in Rachel’s life while growing up and today, she loves to cook. But real life and real life commitments can often get in the way and cooking dinner can’t take hours.

Real life means there may not be the time to marinate or prep a day in advance, but that’s okay! That doesn’t mean she and her family, or you and yours, can’t enjoy wholesome, delicious and healthy meals.

In REAL LIFE DINNERS, Rachel takes readers inside her kitchen showcasing the fun, fresh and fast recipes she cooks for her family. Featuring over 80 recipes and photos, including: 

  • Breakfast Quesadillas
  • Toast Nine Ways
  • Freeze-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Crispy Sweet Potato Bake
  • Lemon-Pesto Chicken
  • Slow Cooker Loaded Potato Soup
  • Rach’s Spice Blends

Lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis is the founder of the popular lifestyle website and is the CEO of her media company, Chic Media. She is a regular contributor for the Huffington Post and PopSugar, and she has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, The Talk, Extra, and many other programs. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four children.

REAL LIFE DINNERS will be released on May 8, 2018 but you can pre-order yours today here.

Storyglory: The Story Behind the Love #MothersDay

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, which is definitely true. What if you actually had an audio/video story though with all the photos in your photo book? 


Storyglory is a free iOS mobile app to download with storytelling packages less than $4 a month. It takes everyday photos and allows you and your family or friends to make audio and video stories behind each photo. I would have loved to have had the chance to do this with my mom and step-dad and my favorite aunt (who was the historian of the family and could tell you everyone’s parents and siblings without batting an eyelash). Imagine being able to hear their voices, their memories, of a family camping trip over 40 years ago? It just would have been priceless to still have those moments.

Intro to Storyglory subtitles 50s from Storyglory on Vimeo.

Watch the video above and see how Storyglory works, or visit them at They also offer hard-covered books to have as keepsakes for future generations to share.

Oorja: Premier Home Fragrance Collections #MothersDay

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my candles and Scentsy burners and wall plug-in fragrances. With three smelly men in the house and a dog who thinks the carpet is her personal “sit and spin” playground to scratch her ass, I need all the help I can get to keep this home smelling pretty.

Oojra Essential Oil Aromatherapy Soy Wax Travel Candle Gift Set #travel #candle #aromatherapy #essentialoil #soywaxcandle

For the mom who needs to rest and relax, Oojra is the premier home fragrance collection that tells a story through the careful arrangement of aromatic essential oils. With three unique scents, the Essential Oil Aromatherapy Soy Wax Travel Candle Gift Set is perfect for all the special women in your life.

The set includes three relaxing essential oil aromatherapy blends, including Thai Jasmine Bamboo (romantic, uplifting, happy), Japanese Cherry Blossom (centering, energizing, restoring), Australian Eucalyptus (refreshing, clearing, calming). The candles are made from 100% soy wax and cotton wick – a healthy, clean burn and last 14+ hours for each candle – longer than other wax blends! All scents are always Paraffin free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, Zinc Free, Soot Free, Vegan and essential oil based. These candles will light up any room and fill it with irresistible scents that will transform any space.

Oojra Japanese Cherry Blossom Essential Oil Reed Diffuser #cherryblossom #essentialoil #reeddiffuser

Also by Oojra, The Japanese Cherry Blossom Essential Oil Reed Diffuser is inspired by a stroll through the park in Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Light, sweet and refreshing, Japanese Cherry Blossom reminisces of fresh spring air with sweet fruity undertones. These scents are relaxing and come in beautiful packaging and are always paraben free, phthalate free, aerosol free, and based with essential oils – not chemical based – for a more authentic and healthy experience. The Reed Diffusers last 3-4 months of continuous fragrance, are safe and hassle free with no flames, outlets or sprays.

Each of these unique gifts are perfect for every busy mom, to show her how much you care. They would make great Mother’s Day gifts.

Nuni Tortilla Toaster #FoodHacks #Tortillas #TortillaToaster

I love tacos but hate the mess that the hard shells cause sometimes. I would much rather have a warm tortilla filled with all those taco fixings in my hand to nosh on, but I hate standing over the stove heating one at a time. Worse yet is attempting to warm them in the microwave. Yuck!

Nuni Tortilla Toaster - 6 Perfectly Warmed Tortillas

This year for Cinco de Mayo, bring on the crowd! There’s a hip new product on the market that enables you to heat 6 tortillas perfectly at once. The Nuni Tortilla Toaster is so fun to use, and you can spend time with your guests instead of standing over the pan!

Where has this been all our lives?

Drop in 6 tortillas, push a button and 60 seconds later you have 6 perfectly warmed tortillas ready for your crew to fill with their favorite taco fixings.  No more standing over the pan heating one tortilla at a time.  No more burned tortillas from the gas stove.  And thankfully no soggy tortillas that were heated in the microwave!

Whether every Taco Tuesday, or a party on Cinco de Mayo, the Nuni Tortilla Toaster will be a huge hit!

Nuni Tortilla Toaster

  • 6-Slot Capacity: Place 1 to 6 of your favorite corn, flour or even wheat tortillas into the unit. Choose warming setting.
  • Lift Handle To Start: Automatic shut-off deactivates the unit after each toasting cycle.
  • Rotate To Release: Once the toasting cycle is complete simply rotate the tortillas from the unit.
  • Available for $99 at

Put away the pan and plug in Nuni to turn everyday into Taco Tuesday!

Hugaboo #BabyShowers #BabyGifts #NewMoms

Spring has sprung, and Moms are going to be busier than ever. When Moms get busy, and need their hands free, the Hugaboo, a cozy floor seat for babies 3 to 11 months old, is just what Mom needs. The Hugaboo surrounds the baby in a “hug” keeping them upright so they have a 360 degree view of their surroundings, and Mom gets to do all the things she needs to do.

Hugaboo #BabyShower #BabyGifts #MothersDayGifts #BabyGear

I would have totally loved having one of these when my children were babies. Baby-tested and Mom-approved, here’s how the Hugaboo can help:

  • Learn New Skills: Each chair comes with two toy attachments that will keep your tiny tot occupied and their mind engaged – plus, they’re adorable!
  • Clean Up, Clean Up: This lightweight fabric is 100% polyester fiberfill and machine washable for an easy cleaning!
  • I Like to Move it, Move it: The compact size of the chair lets the active mom easily bring baby to any part of the house and stay hands-free.
  • Stay Supported (And Comfy): Keep your bundle of joy’s back, sides and legs stabilized while they learn the ins and outs of sitting up on their own. Lastly, the plush cushion wraps around your infant, giving them a protective snug.

A match made in heaven for infants, Hugaboo makes it easy for mom to set her baby down in a loving hug while she gets the endless amount of tasks done for the day. Wrap your little angel in a Hugaboo Baby Seat and give mom the peace of mind to grasp what really matters.

The Hugaboo prices from $59.99-$69.99. To learn more, please visit

CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE and TrunkCaddy #GiftsForHer #FamilyGifts #VehicleStorage #Organization

There is nothing more frustrating when running errands than trying to juggle a bunch of packages and your purse and still keep a grip on those little hands that want to take off running and explore everything they see. This is a gift that moms will use all year long.

CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE #GiftsForHer #HandsFree #Organization

CleverMade’s SnapBasket LUXE – $29 

Give mom the gift that she can use all year long! CleverMade’s SnapBasket LUXE is a stylish new collapsible tote for any mom on the go. From work, the gym or to running errands Mom can keep organized and look chic while doing so!

  • NEW fashion-forward designs & color combos!
  • Canvas body and vegan leather straps & handles!
  • Available in navy stripes, teal, heather grey & plum.
  • Inner zipper pocket for small items like a phone or keys!
  • Each tote is 30L and can hold up to 30 lbs.
  • Perfect for work essentials (laptop, planner, notebook)
  • Great for grocery shopping with structured sides that won’t cave in on food
  • Easy to collapse; snaps down to less than 1.5” making totes easy to store.

CleverMade TrunkCaddy #CarAccessories #FamilyGifts #VehicleStorage #Organization
 CleverMade’s TrunkCaddy – 2 Pack for $30

With carpool duty to & from school and soccer practices, CleverMade’s TrunkCaddy is the best way to help mom keep her car nice and neat! With velcro to keep them secured in place, and easy-to-carry handles, the TrunkCaddy is a necessity for any busy mom.

  • Perfect for permanent trunk storage or for toting groceries, gear and goods
  • Folds down flat with the built-in patented SnapHinge™ when you need more space
  • Velcro strips allow units to connect together and to your trunk for stability
  • Built-in handles allow for quick and easy toting
  • Arrange and re-arrange to fit your trunk and your life

If you want to pick up a gift for mom that she’ll love – or need something for your vehicle to keep everything neat and organized, visit the CleverMade website today!

That’s all the great info we have for you this week! Hope you found something new and wonderful that you or the entire family can enjoy! Until next week my friends!

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