Frugal Mom Tips: How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

In today’s economy, many homeowners can’t afford to replace their existing carpeting. If you consider the cost, time and effort that goes into new carpet installation, that last thing you want to do it replace it right away. Read on to learn some helpful, tried-and-true tips on how to extend the life of your carpeting.

Remove Your Shoes

If you don’t feel comfortable telling guests to remove their shoes, that’s completely understandable; however, having your own family adhere to a strict no-shoes-in-the-house policy is an important first step in preventing daily wear-and-tear and unwanted carpet stains.

Vacuum Regularly

Some may argue that the fast-rotating bar and thick brushes under your vacuum cleaner will cause carpet fibers to stretch and break apart, but you can counteract this effect by setting your carpet pile on low on the days when you only need light vacuuming. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends daily vacuuming to remove dirt particles that can ultimately ruin carpet fibers and their protective coating. In addition, the longer dead skin cells, dust mites, pollen, hair and other contaminants settle into carpet fibers, the harder they are to remove.

How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Expect Spills

Food and drink spills happen all the time, so when something spills onto your carpeting, you will need to have some basic materials nearby to take care of the problem. For food spills, quickly scoop away all solid pieces of food. For drink spills, blot away as much liquid as you can with a clean cloth towel or several disposable paper towels. Once the bulk of the spill is removed from the carpet, you can spot-treat the area with a carpet-cleaning foam or shampoo. The goal is to treat the spill before it dries up and becomes much harder to clean.

Shift Heavy Furniture

Over time, heavy pieces of furniture will leave semi-permanent impressions on your carpeting. There is just no getting around this. However, you can minimize carpet impressions by regularly moving your furniture around. The movements don’t have to be extreme, just enough to move the heavy objects in a different position so that carpet fibers can regain their original shape.

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

Even with our best efforts to keep carpeting clean, regular vacuuming and spot treatments are not enough to remove toxic mold and bacteria that eventually inhabit the fibers. For best results, employ a professional carpet cleaning service every six to 12 months, or more often if you own pets or have high-traffic areas that are problematic. If you need carpet cleaning in St. Albert you can contact services like Grimebusters Ltd., or if you’re elsewhere you can contact whomever the best service may be in your area, or you can even book a cleaning online. They can discuss with you what would be best for the durability of your carpets.

Frugal moms are smart moms, and smart moms know that constant carpet care is the only way to extend the life of the fibers and padding underneath. Keep in mind that not all carpeting is created equal in terms of quality. Always read the accompanying carpet care instructions before making any large investments in carpet cleaning supplies or professional services.

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