Fun Family Weekend on a Budget

Fun Family Weekend on a Budget

Putting together a fun family weekend that is fun for the entire family can be quite a challenge, as it is difficult to find activities for everyone to enjoy, especially when you are on a tight budget. However, there are multiple ways that will let you get some quality time with a low budget! To prepare for the trips you can check a site like Horchow for deep discounts on a variety of items, and look for other coupons for everything else you will need! Read our tips for a cost-effective weekend with your family that will help you save some money!


There is much to see and do in your area and even in your own home! By planning a well-thought-through weekend together as a family you can get maximum enjoyment out of simply staying home. By placing the focus on family bonding, what you’re doing becomes much less important than how you’re doing it. A staycation could encompass something as elaborate as a hike/picnic lunch, or be something as simple as a scary movie marathon. Or there could be a big household project for everyone to tackle!

Day Trips To See Relatives

What about those relatives who live in places that are too close to fly to, yet close enough to drive to? You can plan an entire weekend around paying them a visit. Simply drive to their town on Friday evening and this gives you a chance to spend an entire Saturday with them. If you’re looking for things to do, have them show you around their town. Knowing a local provides you with a much better perspective of the area, as opposed to fumbling through a tour guide!


Not only is camping inexpensive, but it also gives your loved ones a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy some much needed fresh air. All that’s needed is some of the food that is already in your pantry, a tent and the necessary sleeping equipment. If you are wondering how you should spend the weekend, a hike always does the trick. Or you can start a campfire, make S’mores and tell ghost stories!

Host A Cookout

This offers a great opportunity for you to see friends and relatives that you have not been able to spend time with. For those who are looking to keep costs down, the main courses can be kept simple. After all, who doesn’t enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs? Asking your friends and relatives to bring side dishes or beverages is another great way to keep your cookout costs down.

Volunteer Work

The old saying is definitely true: a good deed is always its own reward. Teaching your family to appreciate the blessings that they have received and letting them know that there are many people out there who are less fortunate are both important lessons to impart. As a bonus, your children can also learn crucial life skills that will come in handy later. You can show them how to cook or even teach them carpentry!

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