How to have a Fun-Filled Summer

How to Have a Fun-Filled Summer
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School will be over in just a few days for the youngsters (if it isn’t already where you live) and the lazy, hazy days of summer are right around the corner. If your brood is anything like mine, they will be fine left to their own devices for about four weeks after the last day of school, and then boredom will set in.

  • “Mom, there’s nothing to DO around here!”
  • “I’ve done that (insert favorite activity here) a hundred times already!! I want to do something different!”
  • “I’m bored, there’s nobody to play with!”

If you’re a parent, you know that a fun-filled, stress free summer requires a bit of planning. We’ve got some simple “How To” tips for you today to help keep the summertime boredom from setting in and keep your kids busy and entertained throughout the summer.

Summer Camp

There are a variety of summer camps available ranging from one week to several weeks on a variety of topics and interests. You can find all types of camps in your area ranging from art, academic, sports, church or specialty camps. There is something for everyone, and a camp to fit every budget.

Plan Ahead

Here in Virginia, our lovely state has a website where you can find anything and everything you could want to do in our fair state. Order your state’s travel guide and find out what is going on each week in your area and move to the next tip.

Weekend Getaway

Armed with your state’s travel guide, go through and plan out day trips once or twice a month for your family to see the sights, catch a renaissance fair, attend a cook off, check out the local state fair. You can add these items to the family calendar to give the kids a visual of what’s going on and when and give them something to look forward to.

Go Camping!

No matter if you are the rough-it type camper or the camper who enjoys the luxuries of home, there is a campsite calling your name. Check with your local state parks that offer camping and reserve a cabin or a site to pitch your tent. Camping with my parents was something I looked forward to every summer as a kid, and my brother and I have some wonderful memories based upon those camping trips to Locust Lake State Park each summer!

Take a Drive

When all else fails, pile the family into the car, grab a map, and hit the road. Let someone pick a town on the map and go exploring for a few hours. Visit a town you’ve never been to before, or never had the time to check out. You’ll find shops nestled in corners that have the most amazing treasures, babbling brooks and covered bridges, roadside parks that are great for an impromptu picnic. I remember many a summer day with my grandparents just driving around until we found a place to play some miniature golf and grab a cone of ice cream. Great memories, great fun!

How to have a fun-filled summer with your kids is limited only by how far your imagination and a bit of planning will take you.

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