Fun Holiday Traditions For The Whole Family

Have you been looking for some fun holiday traditions for the whole family this year? Christmas is a time for family to be together, and it’s vital that you have traditions that you can use through the years. If you are looking to start your own traditions for the first time, you need to think of those that will make your entire family feel excited and happy to be around you at this time of year. 

The good news is that you can use any of the traditions that we’ve listed below to get started on this Christmas. Your family traditions are going to carry you through the years and eventually, they become the stuff of legend. Those stories you’ll tell your grandchildren are going to come from family traditions like these in the holidays, and you can make your whole Christmas all about them. Let’s dive in!

Get Everyone Involved in Advent

You don’t have to be religious to be into the big old countdown. Christmas is wonderful and the build-up is half the excitement. Advent calendars are a thing, but you can always create your own. A fun way to get everyone involved is to make the last day of your homemade Advent calendar one of the blank tees you could pick up and decorate for everyone. Making your own Advent calendar is a big deal and it’s part of the fun and can be a whole new tradition.

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Start Baking Some Christmas Treats

You can become famous for your Christmas brownies or your new recipe for filled cookies. You can fill them with Christmas flavors and you can decorate them in red and green sprinkles and snowflakes! If you want to make a memory, get all of the children to bake and decorate with you! You’ll create a beautiful tradition and you can even get the cookies ready for Father Christmas. If you don’t like filled cookies, you can give my mom’s Pecan Lassies or Almond Crescents a try!

Buy An Annual Ornament

Every year, go out to your favorite department store and choose a family ornament for the tree. You can make it a tradition that on the 1st December every year, you come together and buy a bauble for the tree.

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Line Up Your Christmas Movies

Grab those cookies you baked earlier and get everyone settled with cushions and blankets, and then crank up the sound on your favorite Christmas movies. You should think about doing this on Christmas Eve especially, as it can really get you into the Christmas spirit. You’ll be caught up in the wonder of the season the moment you hear the music playing for your favorite film.

Read the Nativity Story

Christmas is all about being together, but there is a story behind it. Telling the story of the Nativity every year is a great tradition and it’s going to be a way to share a lesson with your little ones. You can read the story every day up to Christmas Day when the birth of Jesus is written, and you can bet that you’ll create a story in the minds of your children, too. It’s a nice way to talk about Christmas with the kids that is not centered around getting gifts but focus more on the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Start a New Old Tradition

If you’ve grown up without your parents or lost them in your early 20s before you started your own family – a lot of the family traditions that your parents did may have fallen along the wayside and you cannot remember them. A great way to implement old traditions is to discover your ancestry. My son did a 23 and Me Ancestry Kit a few years ago and we were all surprised that – contrary to what I had been told growing up – our ancestors came from Russia and Poland, not Poland and Germany as I’d thought. So I plan on taking some of those traditions and intertwining them in with the traditions we currently have in place.

Regardless of HOW you celebrate the holidays, the most important aspect is to spend time with the ones you love. The rest will all fall into place.

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