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Life moves at such a fast and frenzied pace that sometimes you forget to stop and appreciate the joy of those around you, specifically your children. Do not wait one more moment to enjoy your loved ones. Take some time today to have fun and laugh together. Here are some ideas for making new memories that will make your heart smile.

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Make Delicious Food Together

Cooking and baking are great activities for the whole family. They bring in a mix of decision-making, skills, responsibility, and even math! Start with dessert and try a delicious and easy recipe like chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies. They are tasty no matter the time of year but are especially enjoyable in the hot summer months since they do not require an oven.

Now that dessert has been made it is time to tackle the rest of the meal. Your kids can participate more or less, depending on their age. Sit down together and peruse some old family recipe books or cards. Take this opportunity to share any memories you have of baking with family members when you were young. Kids enjoy hearing these stories and making connections to their past.

Once you have selected the recipes and the ingredients are on hand, it is time to get cooking. This is a chance to work together, teach kitchen skills, and have a good time together. Do not worry about messes. Instead, plan to clean it up as a team when you are finished. Put on some music and talk with one another. Wipe off your hands and take a photo or two. You will be glad you did.

If making food together is of further interest for everyone involved, plan on doing it more often. After all, you need to eat anyway, so why not make it together instead of having one person do it all alone? 

Play Games Together

Partaking in the friendly challenge of family games is a time-tested tradition. If your family already enjoys doing this, try some new games. Perhaps you play board games – but what about card games? There is an abundance of unique and critical-thinking card games to try. All you need is a deck or two of cards. They are the ultimate in portable fun, too, so change your venue as the weather allows. Go outside or head to the park to play in the fresh air.

play cards

Another option for games is to check your local library. Many public libraries have board games and puzzles available for check out. This is an easy and low-commitment way to learn about the game and determine whether you enjoy it enough to purchase it for your family. While you are there, find a book or two. Bring them with you when you go to the park (and the cookies, too).

Here is a fun video showing how to do a family penny stacking challenge. Try this or another penny challenge to get you out of the house and on the road.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with intention and patience. Have fun and enjoy your newly created memories for years to come. And remember to keep spending time together with shared activities.

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