Fun Things To Do When You Are Off Sick

There’s nothing worse than being off work when you’re unwell. The only time you want to spend away from the office is for vacations and fun days out, and when you’re not well you’re spending time sleeping off an illness and are left with work to catch up on. When you have a bug, and need time off work, it’s easy to sleep the day away in between drinking water and popping painkillers. It’s hard to be bored at home with a bug, as these are temporary. However, when you’re signed off work for a longer period because of an illness, that’s where the boredom creeps in.

Fun Things To Do When You Are Off Sick

Trying to keep yourself occupied when you are off work means you need killer broadband. Of course, there are many things that you can do without your time that doesn’t require you to have an internet connection, but a strong data connection with can really cut down on that boredom factor that tends to sneak in. Keeping your happiness ratio up while you recover from being sick and not allowed to leave the house isn’t always easy, so we’ve got some fantastic suggestions of what you can do to occupy your time!

Fun Things To Do When You Are Off Sick - Reading

  1. Catch up on reading. If you spend a lot of time at work and not really having any down time, then catching up on books that you’ve been dying to read is the best way you can take some time out. Spending time getting into the lives of another world can distract you from your own feelings of sickness – it’s a good idea!
  2. Having a movie marathon or a binge session with some of the box set recommendations you’ve been piling up takes a lot of time. If an episode is an hour long, you’ve just taken a day for a boxset. It’s an excellent way to spend your time.
  3. You may be feeling physically unwell, but your mind is still intact and needs exercise. You need to stock up on your crosswords and Sudoku puzzles to keep that mind of yours occupied and ready to recover.
  4. Doing some online surveys or spending time writing a blog can be a great way to interact and keep current, while documenting your experiences. This one is especially good if your illness is a long-term one.
  5. If you can manage it, try and go out for a walk around the block. It doesn’t sound like much, but the movement and exercise can really help, as can the fresh air. Believe it or not, a change of scene and fresh air can really help with the cabin fever of being stuck indoors and staring at the four walls you’ve been used to.

No one likes having to take time off for sickness, all that does is puts you behind with your job and makes you feel bored and lonely. Maximize the time you have when you are recuperating, and if it’s just a short illness spend your time catching up on sleep and hot tea!

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