Fun Ways to Treat Your Family Dog

Your dog is undoubtedly a true member of the family, so it makes sense that you want to treat that dog and show your love and appreciation for them. Our dogs bring us so much love and joy in our lives, so it’s nice to go the extra mile from time to time in order to treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Here are some fun ideas for treating your dog you might not have tried before.

Try Some New Dog Treats

If you haven’t given your dog a new brand of dog treats like bully sticks in a while, why not try something new when you want to treat your canine companion? With things like Tempo & Tails dog treats on the market today, you can even give your dog treats that offer the benefits of CBD. There are so many interesting options out there these days, so try a few and see which your dog likes best. You can learn about the use of CBD for your dog’s overall health on bmmagazine.

Make Frozen Treats on a Hot Day

When it’s hot outside and you’re looking for a way to treat your dog while also cooling them down, there’s no better way to do it than to make some frozen treats for them to enjoy. There are lots of recipes out there for these kinds of treatments that you can try out, so give them a go next time the summer weather hits and starts to get the better of your dog.

Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

We all like to get away and spend a little time somewhere new, and the same often applies to your dog too. Why not explore a new place, preferably somewhere with lots of open spaces to enjoy and run around in? And while you do that, you could stay in a dog-friendly hotel. These are becoming more and more commonplace and the whole adventure will be enjoyed by your dog.

Visit the Beach

If there’s one type of place loved by pretty much every dog out there, it’s the beach. So, if you want to treat your dog with a day out that they’re sure to love from start to finish, it makes sense to choose this option. As long as it’s a dog-friendly beach with plenty of space to run around in, it’ll be sure to be a hit with your dog.

Do Agility Training Together

The word training might not lead you to believe that this idea is one your dog will love. However, agility training is a lot of fun for dogs. It gives them the chance to run around, play games and get lots of attention from you. And those three things are among the things dogs love more than anything else.

There are lots of fantastic ways to show your dog just how much you appreciate them. These fun treat ideas can be taken advantage of by just about any dog owner, so if there are some of them that you and your faithful hound have never tried before, now is the time to change that.

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  1. These are great ideas, thanks for sharing! It gets super hot in the Summer here so I definitely love making cold treats for our dog.

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