Fun When the Sun Isn’t Shining! Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and when the kids break up from school it’s a fantastic opportunity to spend time together as a family and have some fun. Vacations, days out, water fights, gardening, picnics and more will more than likely be on your itinerary. However, you always have to account for the rainy days too, there are always going to be times where you experience bad weather and being stuck in without much to do with kids is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t want to hear ‘Im bored!’ every few minutes, it’s worth spending some time planning things you can do when you can’t get outdoors. Here are some ideas.

movie night

Movie Day

A cozy movie day with the family spent together, lounging around and watching some feel good films is just what you need every now and again. Come up with a list of movies that none of you have seen and that look good. That way you can purchase them or download them via your cable subscription when you need them. You can even find kids movies at dollar stores and other discount places so keep an eye out.



As parents, we have to monitor things like our kids gaming and computer time as it’s not the most productive. However, on a rainy day when they can’t be active outside, it’s a great option as it’s a lot of fun for them and can keep them occupied for hours. Look into the different kids games that are out there currently, Lego Ways is one example. If the game isn’t specifically aimed at children then be sure to check the age rating and read reviews to make sure it’s suitable. You should also ensure that the game isn’t being played with others over the internet unless you’re monitoring their gameplay, because you never know who they might be talking to. Gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Wii are aimed at kids and have lots of family friendly games, and as a bonus can get them moving around too which is perfect for burning off energy.



Baking teaches kids precision and patience, it’s something they will enjoy especially when they get to taste the fruits of their labour at the end! There are tons of family friendly recipes online, cupcakes and cookies are always good. If you wanted to keep it simple, you could always use a box mix or buy cakes ready made and make the activity all about the decoration. Either way, it’s simple to do- aside from it getting a little messy it’s something you can do indoors on a rainy day.

arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts help to fine tune motor skills, encourage creativity and imagination and are a lot of fun too. You can buy big packs of craft items from any hobby store- packs of sequins, feathers, pipe cleaners and paper can all be crafted and glued to make interesting designs. Check sites like Pinterest which are full of arts and crafts activities for all ages.

What are some other fun activities you enjoy doing with your children on a rainy day indoors? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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