Functional and Aesthetic Interior Design Rules

Your home is your own personal space, and any design for its interior design must take into accounts your own needs for the space you want to decorate. You can always take the help of experts and professional interior designers, but it is important that it is your utilization of the space and your preference are given all importance. It is only then that you will feel comfortable living in that space after the work is completed.

Make Your Interior Design Personal

Your wants and needs must be given a lot of weight in any foolproof interior design rules that are followed while decorating your home. These rules must be used as general guidelines and can be as flexible or rigid as you want them to be. Start with making a very detailed plan of the space that you want to decorate. Room dimensions, size of doors and windows and their placement in the area, and the location of all other fixtures and any design elements that you want to include. You need to consider horizontal as well as vertical dimensions so that everything can be located three-dimensionally. 

You can then look for ideas from show houses, magazines, and can get a lot of ideas from the internet, online. You may also find certain software that can allow you to create your own space using the details you have gathered earlier, and even view the entire space in 3D. This is the time when you also need to consider the colors and styles that you find most appealing and suitable to your style of living.

A good interior is one that has a focal point and needs to become the dominant point in any interior. This can be any piece of furniture, an artwork, even the view from the window, or anything that you want to display in your room and call attention to. Any style that you decide on for your interiors must be well defined and must be reflected in all aspects of the interior, from walls to furniture, furnishings and even lighting and accessories. Paint colors, fabrics, and floor elements must all blend with each other.

All the various elements in your interior design must balance each other if you are following foolproof interior design rules. Focus on the larger elements like rugs, drapes, floors, and upholstered furniture. These must all have color combinations that match and blend with each other.

Patterns, both small and large must be appropriate and combine with each other in each of the larger elements of your interior. It is important that in any interior a lot of importance must be given to the naturally used pathways that will be used when you occupy a home. Your furniture layouts must be such that it is easy to move in and out of the room and to access any storage that is part of the layout.

Functions and uses of any space being decorated must be given a lot of importance when deciding any style or arrangement, and lighting must also be adequate for them.

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