Gamer Girl: Reasons To Consider Giving Video Games A Chance

Games consoles and gaming, in general, is a hobby typically associated with boys and men. There must be some reason that so many men are drawn to gaming. An entire industry thrives on their interest. So what’s the big secret? Banish stereotypes and give gaming a go. It might just be your new favorite hobby.

Gamer Girl Reasons to Consider Giving Video Games a Chance
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Stress Relief

Playing games can help you relax. Video games provide a healthy means of escapism from the stresses of everyday life. You can switch your mind off to your real life responsibilities by kicking back and letting your mind wander somewhere else for a while.


Gaming fulfils your psychological need for competence. This is where you gain satisfaction from mastering situations. It’s a good way to seek out control without hurting or upsetting others. Completing a game will leave you feeling more accomplished than before you finished it.

Problem Solving

Gaming will better your problem-solving skills. Most games will present you with puzzles and challenges to overcome at regular intervals. Playing video games encourages you to use strategic thinking. This can come in handy at work when trying to come up with a solution for a problem you have been posed with.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Little feels better than conquering a rival or overcoming and challenge. Video games confront you with problems frequently and beating them will boost your self-esteem.

Practice Empathy

Video games will put you in another’s shoes. You will grow to sympathize with your character, wanting them to achieve as much as possible in their game world. Compassion is an important trait in real life and the more games you play, the more you will understand others emotions and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Release Dopamine

Dopamine is the chemical that your brain releases to make us feel excited and happy as we chase a reward. Video games can cause a dopamine rush, as you attempt to level up, beat the boss or complete a challenge. This is why they are fun. Gaming is essentially a safe and legal high.


You will invest in gaming emotionally, but it’s also a fun hobby that you can invest in financially. There are numerous consoles out there, and you could get involved in all of them. Most people will eventually find a preferred platform to game from, and this is where you can start investing properly. Extras are available for all consoles, in-game and out of game. Extra controllers, headsets, gaming speakers and in-store purchases are all available.


A lot of games have now taken to the web. You can challenge people in the real world as well as in-game characters and bosses. Gaming is a great way to casually socialize with other people who have similar interests to you. You can converse through headsets while playing or attend conventions with like-minded individuals.

Get Out and Play

Some games now encourage you to go into the outside world. Pokemon Go has drawn critical acclaim for encouraging users to venture into the outside world, get exercising and gather with other players with an appreciation for the brand.

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