GE – A Revolution in Lighting and LED Technology

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with GE and review their GE Reveal light bulbs. At the time, we were using CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) throughout our home. After using the GE Reveal bulbs, we were amazed at the difference and haven’t gone back to using anything else. 


With so many bulb options out there, it can be confusing to understand which ones will fulfill your household needs. Lord knows I’ve been at the store, standing in front of row after row of light bulbs, wondering which bulb is the right one to choose. Don’t even attempt to go to Home Depot to find a light bulb. You’ll get lost in the array of choices unless you’re armed with this information from GE!

These three infographics and videos can help you compare bulb longevity, energy savings, light quality, and more. When you know what to look for, choosing the right light bulb can be easy if you remember these four steps: 

Step 1 – Choose the Right Fit:

Pay attention to the shape of the bulb – do you need a standard bulb for your lamp, a candle shaped bulb for your ceiling fan or chandelier, perhaps large globe-shaped bulbs for your bathroom vanity, or indoor flood lights for your kitchen? Check out this video to see examples of the different bulb varieties and shapes offered by GE. 

Step 2 – Choose the Right Brightness:

It used to be that the number of watts on a package told you how bright that bulb would be. That’s not the case today. You can get the same brightness from fewer watts of energy.  Instead, if you want to know how bright a bulb will be, check the lumens, which is the technical measure of brightness. Knowing the difference between wattage and lumens will help you save money, as 80% of the cost of lighting your home isn’t because of the bulbs, it’s the electricity!  See more amazing statistics in this video on finding the right brightness.

Step 3 – Select Energy Savings & Lifetime:

There are a few other technological features to consider when choosing the right bulb, like durability and how long you want the bulbs to last for fixtures that are hard to reach. Look for “Long Life” bulbs so you don’t have to change hard to reach bulbs as often or “Energy Saving” bulbs for lights left on over long periods. GE’s LED bulbs provide the durability, long life, and cost efficiency you’re looking for.  But what is an LED bulb?  The “A Revolution in Lighting” infographic shows how LEDs are made, work, and how they compare to other bulbs when it comes to savings energy and money.

Step 4 – Choose the Right Color & Effect:

Next it’s time to consider the color and effect as each color of light gives each room in your home a different appearance.  Soft white bulbs provide warm, comfy light, while GE reveal® bulbs provide clean white light to make colors and patterns pop.  Check out the infographic “Which Soft White Option is Best for You?” that compares today’s incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs to help you better understand the facts between their cost efficiency plus which fixtures and rooms they work best in.

With GE reveal® bulbs, patterns and colors “pop”. Check out the “GE reveal® Light Brings Your Home To Life” infographic to see how the switch of a bulb can makeover an entire room. To get a quick visual demonstration on color & effect, check out this video.

Please visit the GE website for more information.

Check out each of the infographics below from our friends at GE and share with your friends!

Infographic 1: A Revolution in Lighting

Not sure how LEDs work, what types of lighting quality is available or what LED even stands for? In this super easy-to-read infographic, we break down the technology, the lighting quality, and even include some science behind how an LED can save your household energy and money! With GE LEDs, your home can be filled with beautiful warm light.

324-88841GE-Lighting-LED-BR30-135x172324-88842GE-Lighting-LED-Candle-135x172324-88840GE-Lighting-LED-A-Line-135x172GE Lighting Infographic LED Revolution in Lighting

Infographic 2: Which Soft White Option Is Best for You?

Here we break down how both LEDs and today’s incandescent light bulbs provide warm, soft white light you love. You will also find tips as to which bulb is best for every fixture in your home.








Infographic 3: Reveal®

It’s amazing the impact that light can have on your décor. Changing an ordinary bulb to a GE reveal® bulb can make a difference in any room. GE reveal® bulbs make colors pop and wood grain more inviting. With GE reveal® bulbs, you can bring your home to life with a variety of lighting options. Find out how a room makeover can be done with just a switch of a bulb!



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  1. Nice post. I like the visual designs. It perfectly describes the revolution in lighting and LED technology. It's really good to know how LED light technology has been evolving worldwide.