Gentle Introductions: It’s Time for a New Puppy!

Once you have chosen and picked up a new puppy from a shelter, the biggest hurdle is right ahead of you. You’re bringing an excitable little dog into new surroundings, and that’s not always easy to manage! However, as you’ve bought your new puppy, there’s no going back now, and it’s time for some new introductions. You want your puppy to settle in as best you can, and it’s essential that your home needs to be a relaxing place for your puppy to move into. What you need the most is some guidance on how you can make sure that your new puppy introductions go as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look:

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What’s In A Name?

Your pet may have already come with a name, but if you haven’t named your new puppy, the time is now to think about new pet names. Think about what you want your dog to be called, and practice shouting it out in the house. Remember that the name that you give your pet needs to be yelled across a park at some point – it needs to be suitable!

Train Immediately

Building habits for house training and obedience have to begin right away, but you need to love bomb your puppy as much as possible! Never, ever, punish your puppy, but always reinforce good behaviors with lots of rewards and treats. Don’t discipline a puppy as they have no idea what you are expecting of them, and it can make them feel confused and stressed. Bring your puppy home and take him to his bed and toilet area so that he can feel comfortable with both places.

Food Glorious Food

Your puppy will likely eat frequently, and you should offer him food straight away when he moves into your home. Ideally, use the same food as the dealer did so that you can be assured that he likes the food you are feeding him. Young puppies under 16 weeks need to have 3-4 meals a day, alongside clean water all day for drinking. Some dog breeds need more while others need less, and it’s up to you to ensure you read up on the breed. Take your puppy outside every time they eat so that they can practice going to the toilet and get their legs stretched and run around. Every time he goes to the bathroom, you need to praise him highly and make him feel like it’s a big deal – because it is. It’s the start of house training, and it will help.

Sleep Soundly

Puppies – much like new babies – will need a few naps every day. Let him know where the quieter parts of the house are so that he knows where it’s safe and sound to nap. Never force him into his crate and let him lead you. He will go in when he is ready for a night of sleep, and you can love your new puppy even more as they settle into your house.

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