Get Your Very Own GrooveBook Today!

I just received my very first GrooveBook today and I absolutely LOVE it. The photos are brilliant, and now I have prints of my photographs that I’ve taken with my phone to share with my family back home in Pennsylvania and with the boys’ grandparents. Check out this gorgeous photograph from my GrooveBook of our little Mollyanna!

The lines are from my scanner 🙁 but it really is a beautiful photo of her!

You too can receive your very own GrooveBook  – a keepsake photo book – for just $2.99 per month! GrooveBook is available on the App Store as well as on Google Play.

Check out the video to see exactly how it works, and how easy it is to use!

Right now, you can get your first book ABSOLUTELY FREE when you use coupon code MILLER10441 at checkout! Start preserving those wonderful memories of your children, your grandchildren, family events and outings and more! If the Internet ever goes bust, you’ll still have those precious photos!


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