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Living in a house filled with men, you can just imagine what my poor carpets look like. Between the oil and grease, the spilled drinks, mud from the sneakers, not to mention the doggie tracks when she gets into the mud, it feels as though I am constantly having to scrub spots out of my carpets only to have them reappear again. Quite frankly, I hate it. There have been so many days when I wanted to design and mass produce a carpet covering that women everywhere could use in their homes to protect their carpets. Kids drag mud through the entire house? Just rip the protective layer off to the next sheet and viola – no more mess. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

StainRx Fragrance & Dye Free Products
StainRx Fragrance & Dye Free Products

About StainRx

The Gold Brothers
Roy and Gary Gold, The Gold Brothers

Prior to being offered for household use, StainRx has been sold as Erado-Sol® in the medical and industrial fields for more than 50 years with a long and successful track record for removing biological and chemical stains in hospitals, laboratories and doctor offices.

The Gold Brothers, Roy and Gary Gold, are the creative minds behind Cambridge Diagnostic Products, Inc., manufacturer of StainRx stain remover.

“Stain Rx removes complex dyes and blood from counter tops, glassware, lab coats, machines, floors and hands. From their first discovery in 1953 to today’s most advanced diagnostic and consumer stain removal products, Cambridge has been on a relentless quest to develop new solutions to problems, achieve the highest quality product standards, and assure customers exceptional service.”

Our Review

I have this “mystery stain” on my living room carpet. I’ve tried having the carpet professionally cleaned, I’ve even gone so far as to try three or four stain removal products off the shelf to no avail. No matter how many times I clean it, the little sucker keeps coming back.

StainRx Photo 1

To me it looks a mix between a spill and some ground in oil. I sprayed the spot about six times with the StainRx and let it sit for a moment, and then scrubbed the spot with a warm damp cloth. I vacuumed out the remaining residue and you can see the results below.

StainRx Photo 2

Mystery spot eradicated! I took the first photo three days ago, and the second photo was taken this morning. Still has not come back, and quite frankly I don’t expect it to. That’s how much faith I have in StainRx.

Since both of my boys are avid skateboarders and hubby is a maintenance supervisor with a penchant for smashing fingers and ripping the skin of his fingers, that alone should tell you that I deal with blood stains and grass stains and all sorts of other boy-related stains.

StainRx works on those stains as well. Have berry stains (kids are eating fresh berries and wipe their hands on their shirts or jeans ring any bells?) or stains from spilt cranberry juice, fruit punch (works on Kool-Aid stains on the countertops too!), red wine, iodine stains – StainRx takes care of them all. StainRx can also take care of balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract, vinegar, blood, lipstick and mascara stains.

I love the stain removal wipes. You can carry them in your purse and have them handy when they are needed. If you have a particularly clumsy or accident-prone crew, there’s the handy little 1 ounce bottle of StainRx that you can keep in your purse, the family vehicle, or even throw in hubby’s tackle box for him to have on hand!

Another plus? You can get StainRx in Pink Spring Fresh Scent or in Fragrance and Dye Free formula.

Our Rating

I gladly give StainRx a 5 star rating for their product and for their customer service. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Gary Gold directly, and he is an engaging and passionate man who stands behind his product and ensures your satisfaction.

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  1. This would be great for around our house. We don’t have too many areas that have problems with stains, but there are a few shirts that could use something like this. We’ll have to give it a try.

  2. yes i think this product has convinced me to give it a try i like things that can help with having boys and messes on carpets rugs etc

  3. I am definitely going to try this! I have a few “mystery stains” in my house as well! If it took care of yours, I am definitely going to try using it on mine!

  4. I know I could use Stain Rx in my household. I am forever trying to cleanup after everyone when they track in the outside onto my carpet. I also have 2 dogs that just don’t understand about keeping things clean. Using Stain Rx all over my house would save me a lot of time and aggreviation.

  5. Thanks for introducing the product. I hate that stains ruin my clothes and carpets. I am going to try this.

  6. I REALLY need this for the carpet in our den. It looks like it works great! Thanks for the review.

  7. I am a RN on a busy surgical wing of a suburban hospital and this product is exactly what I need!

  8. I am really excited about this product- i haven’t heard of them before. The fact that it was used in the medical community for five decades means it does work and isn’t a scam product. I am excited about it cleaning up wine stains, because I am always spilling wine on things and it is impossible to remove.

    • It is definitely an amazing product! The Gold Brothers sent me a swatch that had lipstick stains on it (several years old) and the foil packs took it right out – I was amazed! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to include it in my review because hubby dearest threw the dang swatch away! I told him he needs to just stay off my side of the room and clean his own mess up and leave my mess alone lol!

  9. That is super neat that bothers invented this stain remover. The scientific treatment of stains really sells me on the product. It looks like it will really work . We all need a GOOD stain remover accidents happen.

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