Get Your Home Furnished with the Superb Interior Design Trends for 2019

velvet and copper interior design trends

“Living in 2019?”


“Then your home should also look well-furnished with the latest interior design trends.”

Man has always tried hardest to make his residence look up to the mark and matching with the latest trends. If your home is still lacking in this regard, follow the latest interior design trends of 2019. These trends will get your home well-furnished and you will feel elated living in it luxuriously. You may also consult some professional designers who have always introduced unique interior designs like interior design Santa Monica. The users of these latest interior designs are proud of them and are appreciated the world over.  Here are some of the best and latest interior design trends.

Natural Elements

It has been observed that the last year was mostly dominated by the tech-obsessed decor regarding the interior designs. With the arrival of 2019, things have begun to move also towards the natural elements. These include stone, copper, concrete, granite, plants, etc. which help bring an organic and serene ambiance to your lovely home. These things also make you feel the world around you all the time.

Velvet Furnishings

Blue velvet interior design trends

Having been used gracefully over the decades, velvet was being seen as old-fashioned and stuffy for some time back. But, now once again, it has revived itself as a luxurious yet funky fabric. The multi-dimensional usage of this fabric has once again captured the rapt attention of many world-class designers like interior designers Holmby Hills, etc. It seems that the velvet decor will be one of 2019’s best sought-after trends.

Floral Patterns

floral pattern wallpaper interior design trends

Flowers have always been there as a key element in home decor interior designing. All the great interior designers have always given flowers a respectable place in their artistic creativity. Moreover, floral patterns are now being seen in a new light, as decorators are using them in exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors.

More Copper Touches

copper accent items for interior design

2018 was a year of rose gold as a decor trend: and it went well as well. But, now less of rose gold and more of copper touch with a mixture of other metals is expected around. Blessed with red and orange tones and overall earthy hue, copper will, hopefully, prove a much-needed pleasant and fresh change for the New Year.

Black & White Decor

This everlasting and timeless trend is still on our list of great interior design trends for 2019. The visual contrast endowed by this great color combination always provides a sense of balance and boldness. Your home will look highly glorified and eye-catching after this eternal touch of colors.

Geometric Patterns

geometric patterns in interior design

Like the floral pattern and black & white contrast, this is also a very traditional trend. But this time it comes with bolder colors and big sized patterns to look more fabulous and impressive. With this new approach, this interior design trend will be able to make a bold statement in any of your rooms.     

Thus, these above-mentioned trends can give a well-furnished and heart-felt look to your sweet home.

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