Getting Personal: Gifts That Show You Truly Care

Gifts that show you really care

While the Christmas season is our main time for shopping for a number of gifts, it isn’t the only season. The shopping malls are filled with people in a rush to find great gifts for friends and family members.  Some find shopping fun, yet a significant number of people find it stressful, especially around the holidays.  Not only do you have to deal with crowds, but one must consider what makes for a great gift given the available selections.

Get personal with your gift giving! Here are more than a few reasons to get personal this season and show that you truly care with a customized gift.

You Don’t Have to Guess

You know the recipient well enough for them to be on your gift list, but it’s a whole other ordeal to consider what they would consider to be a great gift.  Rather than venture at a guess, get them a personalized Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift, using what you know about their name, hobby, immediate family, etc.  It takes some of the anxiety out of shopping.

You Don’t Have to Go to a Shopping Mall

As mentioned, some get a thrill from fighting the crowds and finding the right present among a filled shopping mall.  However, why devote the time and energy when you don’t have to do it?  Once you know that you will be getting friends and family members personalized gifts, all you’ll need is your computer while you choose among a variety of available vendors.  Get personalized cups, pet toys, and more.

You Don’t Have to Be Forgotten

What’s the intrinsic value of buying personalized Christmas ornaments?  You won’t be forgotten.  Each year, when the recipient takes out their ornaments to decorate their living space, they’ll be reminded of you and your ability to customize their gift. Now that right there is a gift that keeps on giving!

You Don’t Have to Make Multiple Trips

An optimist will head to the shopping mall figuring that they’ll locate and buy great gifts for all the people on their list.  However, a realist will realize that things may not go as planned.  What if you have a particular present in mind but it’s not available?  Or, you have to wait for the store to get it back in stock?  What if you’re so overwhelmed by choices that you wind up with nothing?  More than a few things can go wrong, and it would be unfortunate to go all the way to the shopping mall but end up having to go back again.

You Don’t Have to Get a Gift Card

Some people love getting gift cards or cash as a present, yet the sentiment says more about the giver than the receiver.  Usually, it means that the receiver did not invest a lot of time and energy.  Even worse, some receivers may be mildly insulted despite the invested money; they may think that you don’t know them very well, didn’t feel like investing your time, or don’t care enough to get a present they will like.

There’s one sure way to show the recipient that you truly care.  Get personal this Christmas with a customized present.

Carolyn Collins is a pro when it comes to gift shopping and actually looks forward to the hustle and bustle of the shops! She shares her tips and tricks for surviving the holidays on a range of Mom blogs.

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