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I grew up with KitchenAid appliances in our house, and I’m sure a lot of you did as well. I am thrilled with the colorful choices now available, and even more thrilled about the Outlet Store where you can save up to 60% off the regular prices!

Let me be perfectly honest with you. Want to know what kind of mixer I have sitting in my cabinet at the moment?

It’s a throwback from the 1940s – an antiquated mixer, missing most of the bowls (there is one left), one of the beaters doesn’t stay in, and the turning disk at the bottom doesn’t turn any longer. If I use it, I have to turn the bowl by hand while the bottom just spins and spins and goes nowhere.

That’s why I love the KitchenAid Outlet Store. Up to 60% off everything in the store and NO CODE NECESSARY!

If you already are the lucky owner of a KitchenAid mixer, check out the other great items available – such as hand mixers, convection ovens, countertop ovens, blenders and so much more!

Leave a comment below and tell me what YOUR favorite KitchenAid appliance is that you have, your mother had, or that is on your wish list for the upcoming holiday season!

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  1. I actually have the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that belonged to my grandma! I can remember her making her brown bread in that mixer 🙂

    • Oh wow Rachel! So lucky!!! My Nana had a gorgeous stainless steel KitchenAid stand mixer and I can still remember her making cookie mix, her famous Zucchini Bread mix, everything in that mixer. I was NOT allowed to touch it unless she was hovering nearby – watching my every move lol! You are so lucky to have that little piece of your grandma with you every day! Woo hoo!

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