Gift Ideas for Picky Teens

When it comes to asking a teenager what gift they would like, it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to get blood from a stone. However, as much as it can be agreed that it’s quite difficult to buy them a gift they like, it’s not really something they can be entirely blamed for since once they approach the teen years, they already have everything they need, and there aren’t really a whole lot of things specifically marketed to teenagers the ways toys are for younger children.

That being said, buying something for a teenager honestly isn’t as impossible as it seems – in fact it can actually be pretty simple to please them, so in this post we’re going to share with you some things you could consider getting for a teen as a gift – no matter how picky they appear to be.


When we think of gadgets that teens will like we often think of things like smartphones or violent video games, but really there are so many more gadgets out there that are actually quite educational, that encourage exercise, and that certainly don’t involve violence. Whether it’s a bluetooth hoverboard, a VR headset, or even an e-book reader, there are so many amazing gadgets out there that teenagers will love. One of the best things about getting them something like is that because most gadgets are quite pricey, it’s not something they’re going to be able to buy for themselves, so they’ll appreciate it that much more.


Vouchers are always a winner when you’re trying to buy for someone and you have no idea what to get them. The great thing about vouchers is that they allow them to purchase something for themselves so you know they’re at least getting something they actually want. Nowadays, you don’t even have to give vouchers for places offline, you can give them things like Amazon vouchers or even ones to allow them to buy music, digital products, subscriptions, and a whole range of other things, so there are certainly no shortage of options.


Many people are put off from giving cash because they feel it’s impersonal, but if you’re thinking as a teenager, then what’s better than someone giving you some money to do what you want with? It’s a win-win, because you know they’ll be able to use it, and will appreciate it, and you don’t have to end up buying something that won’t get used or will get returned, so in many ways – especially when it comes to giving gifts to teenagers, cash is definitely still king.


If you know the teenager well – for example, they’re your child or someone who you’re close to, then you could get them tickets to something you know they’d like, such as a concert, a live event or a sports game they’d like to see. This is, again, something that’s not usually cheap, so they’ll likely not be in a position to buy it for themselves, which makes it that bit better for them.

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