Gifting a Co-Worker You Don’t Know Well and Others

We have all found ourselves in the position at one time or another. You get stuck being Secret Santa for someone you have only exchanged greetings with going in and out of the break room at work. Picked the name of a distant relative you don’t know that well who has decided to spend the holidays this year, or cousins you haven’t seen since they were two years old who are now in their mid-twenties. You’ll need some gifts that will be nice enough to make a good impression, but not so personal that you run the risk of them not liking you. Here are a few gift ideas that everyone loves for these types of situations.

Gifting Ideas that Never Fail When You Don't Know the Recipient Very Well

A Personalised Wine Glass

Everyone loves wine and wine is good for you, so there’s really no reason NOT to drink with a Personalised Wine Glass. This gift is perfect because while you may not know the person all that well, they’ll be really impressed with what a great gift you’re giving them. You’ll be the best Secret Santa in the office if you gift them a personalised wine glass. Adding a bottle of wine in with this gift will take it to the next level and make it one of the best gifts that you could possibly give.

Wine gift baskets

A Scented Candle

If the person you’re buying the gift for seems a little high strung, a relaxing scented candle could be just the thing for them. A scented candle makes any room feel peaceful and guarantees some peace of mind for the person you’re giving the gift to. Get popular scents like vanilla and avoid anything too outlandish or overbearing, since you don’t know the person all that well. If it turns out that they don’t like scented candles, there are no worries either since they can simply re-gift it to another person that they’re not sure what to give as a gift. - A Hidden Jewel Inside Every Candle!

Nice Stationary

Everybody needs to use pens and writing with a nice pen is a feeling that cannot be compared to any other. If you want to give a useful gift that will be right for anybody, a good set of pens is the way to go. You could also include a beautiful journal with it or any other type of special stationary that you think somebody would like. Avoid buying the regular stuff everybody has, since this will seem less like a gift and more just like you grabbed something off your desk and wrapped it for them at the last minute.

A Calendar

A calendar is the perfect gift for anybody. Everybody will get some use out of a calendar. It’s impersonal enough to be perfect enough for somebody that you don’t know all that well, while still being useful enough to qualify as a very thoughtful and useful git. It’s an all around good gift.


If all else fails and you can’t think of anything to get them, a box of fancy chocolates are always a good way to go. 99% of people love chocolates and those who don’t usually have family members or friends that do, so the gift definitely won’t go to waste. The best part is that this gift is easy on the pocket too.

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  1. Chocolate never fails!! So so true!! Love these ideas!! I always think that hand lotion is a great idea too!! Not that crazy scented stuff but just something nourishing 🙂

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