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Disclosure: I received several of the products mentioned in this post from to facilitate this review. Opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any manner.

With two granddaughters now, and a lifelong love of the holidays, you know I am doing things up in a big way this year. With my sister and my nieces and nephew coming to spend Thanksgiving with us, even more so now! We haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving in Richmond since 2012 y’all! We have seen each other several times in between; however, as the oldest child in the family, I feel like it’s my responsibility to make those holiday memories for her children and mine. Holyshmoly I have dropped the ball on THAT responsibility so it is time to get my act together!

So in preparation for their arrival, I’m decking the halls before Thanksgiving and naturally, that means it is time to order some new personalized ornaments! I’ve decided that is going to be my gift to everyone each year, a personalized Christmas ornament to commemorate the past year, and I’ve just finished ordering the ones for my sister and her children – fingers crossed they arrive on time!

Shopping for personalized ornaments at Ornament Shop is so easy, especially when personalization is hand-done and the prices are really reasonable! Want to see what I received this year?

Ornament Shop baby girl decorating tree and family unwrapping presents ornament
Find these on by searching “Personalized Baby Girl Decorating Tree” and “Personalized Opening Presents Family of 4 Ornament”

I adore these little girls decorating the Christmas tree ornaments! I received one for Aubree and one for Amelia, and cannot wait to put them front and center on the tree – where neither of them can reach them mind you!

Ornament Shop online shopper ornament, couple anniversary ornament, dog bone ornament
Find these on by searching “Personalized Online Shopper Ornament” and “Personalized Dog-Gone Cute Dog Bone Christmas Ornament” and “Personalized Anniversary Couple Christmas Ornament”

Did I mention that these ornaments are heavy? I’m used to ornaments that are light and barely weigh the tree limb down at all. These ornaments however are made of polymer resin with lead-free paint and they definitely have a little weight behind them. Which, to me, is a good thing because that means they should last a good long time (provided nobody drops them).

All of the ornaments are hand personalized as well, so they may not match the preview you see on the website exactly.

Ornament Shop Hot Sauce ornament
Find these on by searching “Personalized Pepper Sauce Bottle Christmas Ornament”

I have to say, the devil made me do it! Tre and Jon put hot sauce on EVERYTHING that they eat, so when I saw this under the Food and Drink category – I just had to get this to represent them on the tree this year!

Ornaments for Every Milestone

You might be thinking that the ornaments are just themed around Christmas – they aren’t! Oh my gosh, there are so many to choose from I could literally spend $2,000 and fill two trees with ornaments and STILL not have all the ornaments I want!!

Ornament Shop Personalized Vaccination Record Card Christmas Ornament
Personalized Vaccination Record Card Christmas Ornament

There is literally an ornament for every life event you could imagine. They have political, family, baby, all occasions, pet, sports, hobby, themed ornaments, jobs, travel, characters, and food ornaments just to name a few. Music, celebrities, pop culture – there is literally a category for everything … and they have ALL of the kid milestones covered!

For more than 24 years, Ornament Shop has been thrilled to craft personalized mementos to commemorate the special moments in our lives. Important accomplishments, noteworthy events, the birth of a baby, adoption of a new four-legged family member – whatever the occasion may be, Ornament Shop has over 5,000 ornaments to personalize and commemorate life’s little moments and the people we love.

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  1. I really like these personalized ornaments and I haven’t seen them in a while! Many years ago I worked at a catalog company that sold all different kinds of these. I will definitely be stopping at their site for a few ornaments.

    • I am so excited to get the ornaments I ordered for my sister and her children! I wasn’t expecting them until next week and they shipped out this weekend – squee!

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