Give Your Creativity The Room It Deserves In Your Life

According to psychologists, the process of creating helps you to connect in depth with a variety of levels in your being which leads to living more fully. In fact, the interactions that occur in your brain while you create enhance your cognitive abilities while it reduces stress and even pain and fatigue. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to benefit from these health improvements. However, you will need to make creativity part of your everyday life if you actively want to reduce your stress levels and improve your thinking abilities. Sitting with a coloring book once in a while isn’t enough to enjoy the full potential of a creative process, and its beneficial influence on your life. You need to give creativity room to exist in your lifestyle.

Give Your Creativity The Room It Deserves In Your Life - A Creative Desk

#1. You need your own creative studio

Most creative people will tell you that creating things – whether they’re writing, painting, or even knitting – can get a little messy. In fact, it does get messy, but that’s part of the inspirational process. However, you don’t need to worry about a messy desk or a wall covered in post-its when you create your own creative space. You need a home office to release your creativity. Consequently, a desk facing an entrance or a window puts you in control, while a personal fame shelf can help you to focus your efforts.

#2. Lots of craft tools and supplies?

Being creative means that you, inevitably, end up with boxes of supplies and creations – unless your work exists only on a computer, such as for writers. For most home creatives, this could be a serious inconvenient, unless you decide to sit down at your computer and google “where to find great storage near me”. Indeed, more often than not, you’ll find that you can store your supplies or work in a local facility to use when you need it. Think of it as your personal warehouse.

keep your supplies in a storage facility

#3. Schedule time to be creative

Making creativity part of your life means that you need to make time for it. Indeed, you can’t think of your creative hobby as something you do to kill time. Instead, it needs to be part of your schedule at the same level than medical appointments and work meetings. Admittedly, it will not be easy at first. You’ll need to look ahead in your calendar to book the time you need, but you’ll soon get used to planning your creative sessions.

#4. Your world, your inspiration

Finally, there is no creative office without an inspiring decor. For this, there is no rule: Everyone is different. If you want to use posters and illustrations by your favorite artist to keep you motivated during the day, there’s nothing wrong with that! Some people prefer to surround themselves with happy family memories instead. Others like to play with bold and colorful shapes as part of their decor, adding a bright red chair at the desk and a yellow shelving unit against the wall. There is no right or wrong; it’s your inspiring office.

To sum up, it’s time for you to make creativity part of your life. Give yourself the room you need to reinvent the world, one stitch, one drawing, one word at a time.

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