If you’re looking to carry out some renovations on your home to give it a much-needed facelift, your uPVC windows and doors are key areas that should not be left out. The fact is, the appearance of your windows and front door are some of the first things people notice about your house (even before taking a look at the interior), so it is important to make a good impression by making sure they look fresh and well kept. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is uPVC spray painting. Spray painting your uPVC doors and windows can transform the overall look of your home. Below are some of the ways you can give your home a facelift with uPVC spray painting.

Consider a color change

One of the amazing benefits of uPVC spray painting is that there is a wide range of colors available for you to choose from. So if your uPVC windows and doors are still functional but starting to look faded and tired, re-spraying them or changing their color entirely can be a good way to bring them back to life. This is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them (saving you up to 70% on replacement costs).

Consider colored uPVC trims

uPVC trims are used to provide neat and water-tight edges (including giving a professional finish) to all kinds of installations such as windows, doors, kitchen installations, showers, and bathroom installations. They come in a very wide variety and color range to give your projects that perfect finish. Many uPVC spray painters offer a wide collection of already made colored and uncolored trims alongside their spray painting services. Also, if you already have a specific color in mind, PBM paints’ expert painters can spray your trims in any color you want.

uPVC spray painting offers different types of top quality finishes

Another way uPVC spray painting can give your home a facelift is with its different types of high-quality finishes. Be it matte, satin, or a gloss finish, you are guaranteed a durable finish (up to 10 years guaranteed finish) that won’t crack, peel or fade regardless of the weather conditions.

Adequate protection

uPVC spray painting does not only give your home a makeover; it also protects your uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories from UV and water damage. Also, the paints commonly used for professional uPVC spray painting are usually designed and tested to achieve an ISO rating that guarantees their bonding ability and durability.

uPVC spray painting will last longer

Let’s face it, renovations (no matter how small) cost money, so it is always better to go for the best option when doing them, and this is why uPVC spray painting should be your go-to option when you’re looking to give your doors and windows a facelift. uPVC spray painting, when done right, can last for several years without the need for any touch-ups or repairs. 


Faded and tired-looking windows and doors can dampen the overall appeal of your home, but this doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallets with the costs of replacements. With uPVC spray painting, you can give your home an instant transformation at a very affordable price.

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