Give Your Home’s Face A Spa Treatment In Time For Summer

It’s the height of spring, meaning that the days are going to get brighter and longer for the next few months. As such, that means that a harsh new light can be cast on home exteriors that have been left to fade over the past few months. However, it’s time to show the love and care your home needs with the following tips.

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Know your daily routine

We moisturize, exfoliate, and care of our skin every day, so we should have a similar daily routine for our garden. Especially if you want a bright green lawn instead of a patchy, overgrown, weed infested disaster. However, rather than having to commit to a full clean every day, this maintenance calendar from Love the Garden can help you do a little bit day-by-day, splitting the task up so that you’re always on top of the garden but you don’t have to spend all day out there baking under the sun.

Consider a fresh coat

Just as your interior style might be due for an update, it might be time to consider the same for your exterior. If your garden is looking a little worse for wear, you might want to go one better than maintenance and opt for some new landscaping to change your look entirely. As for the home itself, if it’s starting to chip, peel, or look discolored, then it might be the perfect time to refresh it by painting it a new color or even by looking at cladding which can help you give it the aesthetic and even the texture you like best.

Examine Your Doors and Windows

Your home’s windows and exterior doors make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your home. If there is disintegrating caulking or crumbling frames, it’s going to affect how your home’s exterior looks. You might be able to spruce up a window or door with some new caulking or a lick of paint. However, sometimes it’s worth considering a complete replacement. You can choose window replacement for your historic home that’s in line with the existing style. Paint your windows or doors in colors that match your home’s current style while at the same time potentially improving noise control and energy efficiency.

Take care of those hard surfaces

It’s easy to be distracted by a hard garden to the point that you neglect to see the cracks starting to show on the paths, patios, and driveways. Though they may be more resilient, the hard surfaces of the garden need some care and attention, too. You can help protect them for longer with Seal With Ease, stopping both UV damage and water penetration from weakening them over time. It can save you a lot of money to protect your hard surfaces now, rather than having to pay for repairs.

Do some contouring

Just like your face, your home has its particularly appealing features that you can do a lot to highlight and improve. The nights are later now, but in the evenings, when things stay a little dimmer for longer, exterior lighting like Hinkley Lighting can help you bring a little more attention to the parts of the home and the garden that you like most. If you have an exterior seating area like decking or a patio, don’t be afraid to refresh the furniture and give others a sneak preview of your aesthetic tastes, either.

The exterior and garden are both the face of the home, meaning that they give guests and neighbors the first impression of both your house and you. This spring, make sure you give your exterior the care it needs, not just the interior.

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