Giving Back Blogger Series: 5 Ways To Make Sure People Can Find You!

Welcome to the Giving Back Blogger Series, a series I will be doing over the next several months to help those new to the blogging community find their way. I have had many great mentors and blogs that I have stalked, to get to where I am today and to learn what I have learned through trial and error. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fulfilling in giving me the opportunity to work with companies that I never thought possible as well as making many a good friend along the way!

This series is entitled – 5 WAYS TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU!

Some people may call it overkill, but I am a firm believer that, the more you get your name “out there” to the masses, the more that they actually *see* your name or your product, the more they will remember you. It is a practice that the companies so many of us work with do on a daily basis … so why shouldn’t you?

  1. Link your blog or website to social media. Make sure that you have your main blog linked to all of your social media profiles – even if you have your settings set so that only family and friends can see it (such as on Google+ or Facebook). THEY ARE POTENTIAL CLIENTS AS WELL! Nothing is more frustrating than “knowing” that someone you’ve met has a blog, and then not being able to find a link to it ANYWHERE.
  2. Make some of your settings public. While you may not want to share everything with the world, you should share your email address and your blog link publicly so that other bloggers, brands, and public relations people can find you and contact you if they are interested in working with you.
  3. Comment, Comment, Comment! One of the best ways to gain some exposure requires a couple of sub-steps. 
  • Find a blogger that you like, with a good following, and follow them everywhere (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). 
  • Subscribe to their RSS Feed so you get their updates straight to your email box. 
  • Put a folder on your bookmarks bar labeled “daily” and save their blog link there and then check it daily!
  • LEAVE COMMENTS EVERYWHERE. Not only are you helping yourself (with your Alexa numbers) but you are creating a relationship with that person (who will most likely respond to your comments), you are making your presence on the web known, and you will gain followers from doing this. If people like what you have had to say on a post – they will come and check you out further.
  • It Takes Time. I have no patience. Zero. Zilch. I want instant gratification when it comes to my blog. I have had to learn patience. No, your numbers aren’t going to go up instantly. No, you aren’t going to jump to 13,000 Facebook fans in one day. It all takes TIME.
  • Invest in Yourself with Time. Once you get several bloggers or web sites that you like in your daily folder – it is going to take a bit of time to do all of the above for each and every one of them. The payout is worth it though. The time you spend visiting others and commenting is an investment in YOU and YOUR BLOG.
  • Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow along in the coming weeks and months for more great information!

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