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What are your thoughts on climate change? Whether you feel that we are all responsible for global warming or it’s just part of the natural solar cycle, there’s a very good reason for trying to be as green as possible in your home. Not only will you be helping save the planet’s resources, but it also helps you reduce your outgoings by a significant amount. And let’s face it – who couldn’t do with some extra spending money every month? Here are some simple ways to lower your energy and utility bills.

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Invest in Maintenance

A lot of people pass up the opportunity of maintenance because they think it saves them money. But just like it helps your car run more efficiently when you have a regular service, so it does for your  home equipment. Simply put, they will work better, for longer and make it more likely you won’t need to spend a fortune on replacements when they break down. As an example, take your aircon and heating systems – the worse condition they are in, the more they have to work. That means more energy, more money, and the inevitable appearance of an AC repairman at some point. Appliance servicing is a good idea, too, to keep your white goods working well and efficiently.

Install An Energy Monitor

Energy monitors will give you the chance to track all your usage to almost the exact penny. And they will save you money. Just install your monitor to track your utilities, and you will literally see all the electrical items costing you the most money – just wait until you see the dollars rack up when you use your washer dryer! It really does make you stop and think twice about using power. Even the little things like the TV being on standby will make you think – so buy one, install it and see how much money you can save.

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Showers, Not Baths

Take a shower and you will use significantly less water than when you take a bath. And that even goes for those occasions when the whole family uses the same bath water. Get the kids used to taking showers and save baths for a once-a-week – or even fortnightly – occasion. Not only will you save a lot of money, but given water is supposed to be the next bog resource shortage, you will be helping preserve it and reducing your carbon footprint.

The Big One: Solar Panels

Finally, investing in solar panels will cost a considerable amount of money up front. But if you can afford to lay down the money it will save you an astonishing amount of money in the long-term. Ultimately, it’s an investment and experts say you should get back all of your initial spend within five years, through savings on your utility bills. Not only will it cut your electricity use, but the utility companies will pay you for any power you haven’t used and put it back into the system. It’s about as close to becoming self-sustaining as most of us will get.

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